The Dragon's Crown is a behemoth, no man (or dwarf) made structure has matched it before or since. 104 kilometres long, 21 kilometres wide and 39 kilometres from the tip of the dragon's wing to the base of the rudder. To give you an idea of scale, the docking bay doors are scaled to allow a Kalshodar cruiser easy passage. The ram blades are each larger than a cruiser by itself. When the Crown enters a planetary system, it will affect the orbits of small moons.

All twenty Kalshodar cruisers, as well as its compliment of 200 Harpy fighters, 100 Stymphalion gunship/bombers, and 100 Gryphon gunship/dropships will take up around three quarters of the available space of its embarkation deck.

The Dragon's Crown is Alexander's flagship and a self-contained defensive bastion or invasion force. Its weaponry is dominated by the ventrally mounted Typhon kinetic bombardment cannon. What is efffectively a gigantic version of the Kalshodar Manticora rifle will fire kilometre long bolts of manufactured matter at up to three quarters the speed of light; the Typhon is a planet killer. Add to this a Cerberus particle beam cannon array on each side, two oversized Telemarchus laser cannons and  weapon turrets and the Crown can take on a fleet by itself. With kilometre-thick armour and powerful reflex fields (with a new pylon type built into the dragon figure head), it could hold them off too.

All this can be directly observed from the rather pleasant command bridge balcony, which is protected by overlapping Reflex fields of its own

The Crown can, with its Nine Helion EDX-5 fusion engines and four Hades A/3 micro-fusion reactors, reach about the same speed of a cruiser in half the time. Though never directly confirmed, it is also said the Crown does not need voidgates, being capable of opening its own in dire need and thus 'jumping' from one side of the galaxy to another in moments. Just how it could do this or even navigate without the voidgate network is unknown as the Crown's current whereabouts.


Three hundred years ago, two weeks after it was completed, the Dragon's Crown simply vanished from the selenar dock it had taken three decades to construct it in. As Dwarf observers later reported "no flashes, no bangs or explosions; just no ship!"