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Vast is a word you could use to describe the Flagship of Alexander, although that would be inadeqate. Beautiful, also, fails to achieve the desired impression. At 420km long, 207km wide, and 105km high, there are smaller moons in the Home System. There are temples and palaces on Gaia with less statues and reliefs; in fact the gigantic statues of Alexander, Achiiles, Bucephalos, and Athena along the flank are taller than many buildings. The life-like dragon stretched out over the prow is larger still. Over 30 million souls - soldiers, Kalshodar, support workers, engineers, Naval staff, and the families of all of them could conceiveably fit within Her halls. 

Whole apartment complexes, with stores, bathhouses, schools, hospitals, every possible facility, occupy many decks. Others are scaled and reserved exclusely for Kalshodar use with their own manufacturing zones, forges, training areas, and bath complexes. Her four landing bays can house the entire Empyraen fleet - all 20 Kalshodar Cruisers, their support vessels, and The Crown's own compliment of support vehicles (cargo vessels, patrol vehicles such as Harpies and Stymphaliom, Kalshodar Gryphon landing craft, etc.) - with room to spare. Her enormous Helios AG-9 fusion engines could allow a rather stupid Cruiser to fly down their exhaust nozzels. When The Crown enters a planetary system, She will distrupt local gravity and weather patterns. 

With Her arsenal of weaponry, She could conceivably destroy it too. 

Blistered with long-range and close defense turrets of all kinds, massive, lion-headed broadside cannon on each side, air defense batteries, not forgetting the planet-killing Typhon mass-driver cannon resting between the dragon's wings, She can mount or resist any assault. Layered Reflex shielding makes Her close to invulnerable, should anything be lucky enough to get past the defensive batteries, that is. 

Yet She is not all about war, on the command tower, a specially shielded balcony is available for officers and the Hegemon to stroll on. On each side, supporting massive Krates pattern ionic anihillator-clustors, is a scaled-up replica of the long-destroyed Pharos of Alexandria. Carved reliefs and statues adorn every available space, both inside and out. Her planetary cartography dome is the envy of astronomers from across the galaxy. 

She is, in short, a ship fit for the ruler of the largest human empire to have ever existed. Only She vanished mysteriously from Selenar orbit right after She was completed. Then, under equally mysterious circumstances, She emerged from a Voidgate She Herself had opened, if witness accounts are to be beleived, on the far edge of the Galaxy, eight hundred years to the day after She had first disappeared...

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