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Nobody appears to know where The Union came from or what its aims are. What is known is that the man that the world knows as High Prefect Apatèon is the same man that met and tried to threaten Lupernikes in Alexandria over 600 years ago. 

Though he was known as Ataraxias then, had longer hair and wore no glasses, it was certainly the same man, a man who has been seen in various places around the world bearing various aliases.

The Council, which morphed into The Union, has existed far longer than almost anyone alive today can imagine. One person knows because he created it out of a misguided sense of solidarity towards his Trinity brethren. He never expected the person whom he knew then as Atara to either last this long and be so single-mindedly ambitious. 

Sham, Gabriel, and Unity fought and lost a war to stop this man and Unity, it is said, lost her life in the attempt. 

Quite why Apatèon is so opposed to Alexander, nobody truly knows. What we do know is that he went to great effort to consign the Hegèmon and all his works to myth and history.   Few beings alive on Gaia today now believe that the Empyraeum was ever more than a fanciful story from long ago. ​

It is hinted that, to make is coup easier, he spent long decades, with access to a computer of superlative power, infiltrating every level of every government worldwide, obtaining intelligence - often of a deeply compromising nature - on every person of importance in every nation inside and out of the Empyraeum. 

Many simply vanished into the night and were never seen again. Others were gone for a time but when they returned, something vital about them had changed. Men of science returned as zealots, critics of Apatèon were now unwavering supporters. 

His Keepers or faceless police force, patrol the streets after curfew and will arrest anyone involved in unholy acts of any kind. The list of such acts seems to grow daily and, it is whispered, much less is permitted than is forbidden​

Though none have directly been able to confirm that they exist, rumours abound of soldiers other than Keepers having been seen around Lùndùn; big soldiers in heavy black armour who are almost as large as a Kalshodar...

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