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The deadliest and most unpredictable weapon in the arsenals of both the Hoplites and some epibatoi, the ESW-17 Chimaera or 'Sun Gun' is capable of launching single bolts or sustained bursts of fusion fire that are effective against pretty much anything, even a Dracograth will get out of the way!

While the sheer destructive power of the Chimaera is of clear advantage in any assault, the number of people willing to operate one and - perhaps more importantly because it takes close a minute to charge between shots and barrages - the amount of people prepared to stand anywhere near the operator, is few and far between.

The Chimaera essentially creates a barely controlled cascade fusion reaction which is directed away (one always hopes) from the operator by powerful electromagnetic fields - something related to reflex technology - and the magnetic vacuum tube of the barrel.

On those rare occasions when the reaction goes in rather than out, the result is enough to make all but the most enthusiastic of destruction mongers cautious. The large glowing crater, around 100-150 metres in diameter, inside of which nothing but vitrified beads remains, is testament enough to the respect this weapon deserves. 

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