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The Hoplites are the sinews that connect the muscles of the Kalshodar to the fist of the Empyraeum, so the saying goes. 

During the time that the bloodless conquest was still in progress, the regular army was known jokingly as the "Regular Irregulars". Regular humans, unchanged by Dragon but made up of one hundred different nations and classes of soldier; Macedonian and Greek spearmen, Persian Immortals and infantry, Scythian horse archers, Manchurian sword and spearmen, mysterious monks of the mountains...the army was the Empyraeum to come. 

As Alexander had been heard to say "The Kalshodar will take the empire but the irregulars will keep and inherit it." He wanted no police or military state where mortal citizens had no stake or involvement in the safety of their homes and families. He wanted no bee hive with the soldiers and workers determined at birth, doomed to monotonous eternity. He wanted no terrified slaves. 

So each member nation and, later, each human occupied world, could and would raise its own regiments. They would be well equipped, well armed, and well trained in the defence of their home territory and, in times of great need, of the Empyraeum itself. They would be a police force in times of peace and of assistance at times of disaster. 

They would wear both the colours of the Empyraeum and their nation with pride. 

They form garrisons and response forces, help crew and secure naval vessels and take part in mass actions when required. 


On the hidden base under the surface of the moon, those trained to crew the Dragon's Crown before its disappearance, veterans of the Union War, made hereditary a practise of necessity when even the Kalshodar were not to be informed of their presence under the moon. The very secrecy it was said that Alexander himself had instituted meant that they were, as the saying goes, IT. Though some were later recruited from the home planet - from the dug-in remnants of the Guilds and Territorials among other, less conventional recruits - most remain lunar born with the great height and sparseness of frame growing up in a low gravity environment gifted to them

All fit boys and girls were trained from an early age so that they would be ready to march beside Alexander on his return and retake their home.

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