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A crowd control tank and small troop carrier favoured for cities where riots and acts of terrorism can and do occur. This vehicle is designed to stop such events quickly and with the maximum of safety, for the officers of the law at least. 

The APC is equipped with both lethal and non-lethal weapons, for flexibility; standard kinetic machine and rotary guns and rocket pods, as well as the prow mounted flame-thrower, can also clear barricades and debris rebels tend to try and block an offer's rightful way with as well as eliminate the truly unreformable or send a message to the waverers who might be watching. 

It is also equipped with infrasonic projectors and a rather beautiful Twin PEP (or Pulsed Energy Projection) turret. This fires a wide beam of highly focussed laser energy and plasma at crowds in order to overload their senses and nervous systems for easy retrieval by the six Keepers carried in the armoured compartment to the rear.

It is also equipped with multiple smoke, gas mortar, and grenade launcher tubes.

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