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Several millions of years ago, a race of exos we know only as The Ancients built a city on Sèlene. They built an orbital ring dock, shipyards, and installed logisteon engines of superlative power to allow, perhaps, for the automated construction and maintenance of space and surface craft.

Why they did this, what the importance of the Gaia system was to them, and where they went (and when) is not known to us. What we do know is that The Ancients must have travelled extensively throughout the galaskia because they built the single most important discovery the Empyraeum has ever made, they built what we call the VoidGate network. Ruins similar to the selenar city have been found by explorators on empty moons and planets throughout the Rimlands.

First the Pansabian database - that logisteon system which controlled their automated manufacturing - was unlocked and humanity (as well as dwarfity and goblinity) has access to technology beyond their deepest imaginings. In EA1744 the goblin “kosmonaut” Iouri DaGoblin became the first Gaian being in space, on the moon, and also discovered how to activate (or uncloak) the selenar orbital ring by happy accident.

Thanks to later discoveries (through the matématika of Touvinctas and Aìnstân), the Ark fleet was constructed and sent to colonise the stars in EA 2000. One hundred and fifty years later, the first Sentinel was activated, the Kalshodar fleet was built, and work upon the Dragon’s Crown begun.

Who The Ancients were, we may never know but we owe everything that made the Empyraeum great to them and must make sure that The Union never step foot on Sèlene.

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