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Acora, the Mandinka mercenary had been part of the bodyguard of the satrap Bessus until Darius’ former lieutenant abandoned all honour and turned on Alexander, trying to reclaim the remains of the Empire by starting a revolt in Bactria. Of course, everyone called large Afrikan mercenaries Ethiopians back then but Acora did not mind that, his fellows had taken a great journey with him to earn coin and honour for a good marriage back in Mali among their tribe, the Dogon, who would later become rather famous indeed.

Though he preferred the warrior's life, Acora had been well educated by the standards of the time, he had learned much of the wisdom of Kemet from his priestly uncles, and he might have been a priest himself one day.

However, fate had other ideas. Seeing Bessus' dishonour, Acora and his fellows slew him, leaving his corpse for the vultures. They left and sought new employment from a more honourable man, Alexander. He rejected them all but something about Acora stopped the Macedonian from sending him away with the others. He knew Acora had taken no pleasure in Bessus’ murder as has his fellows. He saw the spark of honour in this man, as well as something else. He offered rank, pay and privilege in his new army and Acora gladly accepted.

That he would be chosen for Kalshodar was a foregone conclusion, that he would be left behind would be a shock to anyone who did not know him well. Though his current status is a heartbreaking one, none but Acora could lead the Sons as they need to be led.

None have the strength of will and faith as does he to drag them from their fear, their shame, and their depression. One could almost say Alexander planned it that way but how could he have?

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