We live in a world of very changed communication, of simplification and idiom. Of spoken for convenience, not grace, of speed and visual impact, not art. I feel the joy, the pleasure has left conversation. Now we converse through message and tweet and  the like, not true speech. 

It pains me to think of our children - my children growing up in a world where the very art of communication is lost, where the roots of our language, of our expression is lost. Into a morass of LOL, LMAO, OMG etc. etc. our youth will sink! They are already losing the ability to spell, to express themselves verbally (they do so excellently with memes, of course!). Few, it seems know who this large fore-headed chap actually is! We are losing our heritage, we are losing the beauty of our language; we are losing the souls of our future generations even! I mean it is art which makes us most strive, right?

So here comes an idea, I think a great one; #willieshakeswednesday to put one of our great figures of literature back on the map and to celebrate the art of language again! Not just old Willie though, old authors, muses and poets, new bloods, classics and the new wave should all be celebrated together and celebrate not just the history but the development and diversity of our language but as art, with magic and elegance remaining! Lets us bring together schools, colleges, libraries, groups, social media, radio and television to make a weekly celebration of the art of language, the beauty of literature and the joy of words! Let's make it fun, accessible, not some dry and academic dross the youth will not identify with. Let's bring forth the ideas to make #willieshakeswednesday a real and lovely thing!


Let's make the art and love of language fun and accessible again!

Pleae pledge your support and your assistance!

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