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The Wolf-Pack
(Example of shifter groupings)

The Wolf-Pack, it was a drunken vote that decided on that one, some of the members claim.  Others say that it was the idea of the stranger, that shifter who never gave his name, only lots of orders. Wherever it came from the name was a bit of a joke because none of the group of ten every came close to resembling a wolf, unless it was one which had lost all of its skin in an accident. The stranger called them his 'doggies' because of stereotype which has followed the shifter community around since humans started to make up fanciful stories about the moon and men who changed into canines when it was full.


Of course, the truth is rarely represented accurately in the stories. The gist and the root is there at least. The Pack are all shifters of some description. There are many kinds of shifter but all, essentially, can either alter the appearance and structure of their bodies either at will or under certain stimuli. 


The shifter community are usually a secretive lot. They will sometimes gather in loose groups and confederacies but rarely for long. Such alliances are often for security, when under threat or for reasons alien to outsiders.


There are at least four large groups of shifters that exist outside of Lucifer's direct control. These are made up of 'wild' nephilim who are either born to human 'carrier' parents (one of the parents is a powerless carrier of the nephilim strain) or of one human and 1st-5th generation nephilim (though this is much rarer in modern times). The true 'wilds' are those born to carriers and many may never realise who or what they are, may never change or do anything unusual that they remember...


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