The Trinity Series

Gabriel, following the first truly good deed he has ever done in his life, comes to realise there is a whole lot more to the world than he had previously thought. 


In fact, there is a whole other world, something he had never even come close to believing could be possible.


There is a demon inside of him, for a start; an angel too and the thing is, they really don't like each other. The demon really hates Gabriel a bone-deep kind of hatred...


Oh and Alexander the Great is alive too; he cannot die either and your mentor and he were best buddies!

Then there is Unity, the good deed herself...she claims that she knows how to set the world to rights, to bring peace like Alexander could only have dreamed of to the human race.


Thing is that The Council, that shadowy organisation who appear to be behind everything in the world as well as knowing everything in the world, don't want that. No, they do not want that at all. They want Gabriel and Unity dead.


What do you do, they, when the world you believed in was not real and also that you are going to be the one who makes sure it changes again?

Trinity: Trinity

Gabriel wakes up from a dream which could not have been a dream - he has been having a lot of those recently - to find that everything he had thought was true about the world isn't. Including those who he thought was in charge of it. Turns out that those who are really in charge want him dead, along with his new friend Unity. Her only crime seems to be being nice and wanting peace for the world.....


Trinity: Unity

When you want peace for the world, you would think it would be easy, right? Everyone wants peace, they sing, write and cry out for it! So you just, well, give it to them. Right? Not they have already convinced everyone that what is good for them is, in fact, what do you do?


Trinity: Nihility

It is over. Everything you dreamed of is dead and it is gone. All of it. Even hope. Now what? What do you do when there is nothing left when they took it all? Maybe the only solution is to forget, all of it and see where space takes us. It isn't running away, it is thinking in a different place...Plus, Alexander is out there somewhere...