The Darkness IS Within...


"Nobody truly likes the dark. Most people avoid it, take a look at human cities, they never get dark. Some of them get dim, a little more the light of dusk than the full flare of day but true darkness is something to be banished and controlled in this modem world. There are always shadows, though, small refuges for darkness to hide in. Some say we need shadows in order to define where the light is. Others distrust the shadows, thinking they are up to something. Others yet revel in the presence of shadows and often venture into them. Some never come out."

War Heaven - The Chronicles of Enoch

There are a great many myths about the Creation and there are many more about the End of All Things. 

Humanity, it appears, is oft considered to simultaneously be the Creator's greatest acheivement and worst failure. One might be forced to ask why a being of such power and omnipotence might be surprised and forced to act on just how much of a disappointment the human race appears to be for the most part and just how easily corruptable they are.

One may also ask just how ineffible the Plan of said Creator actually is. It could not be possible that He has know from the beginning and simply hoped that He was wrong?


They say that in the beginning there was Void, God flew above the emptiness and spoke; bringing all into being by His Will and His Word. He made Man and gathered His angels to pay homage to Man as he was made in God's Image. One angel refused to kneel. One angel thought God was making a mistake. He thought that Man would betray and disappoint God and set out to prove it. 


So convinced was he that he began the War of Heaven, which lasted for three days without cease. He brought fully one-third of the Host of Heaven over to his side but eventually Michael, his brother broke his forces and Lucifer was Cast Down to Earth forever.


He has been trying to prove his point ever since.

Exile - The Chroncle of Enoch
Damnation - The Chronicles of Enoch

It is said that the Fallen came down to Earth; gazed upon mortal women and saw them to be fair. The angels took the flesh, laid with these women and bred children with them. Some of these children were giants, some of these children were monsters, others looked normal but none of them were. You cannot mix the seed of Heaven with the soil of the Earth and expect nothing to happen. The Fallen and their children (except for the giants whom they drove off)  - who were called nephilim 'the fallen ones' - built a great city on a great island which they named Atlantis. They taught the humans all of the knowledge of Heaven, knowledge forbidden to Man by The Creator and their nation became great. The city of Atlan became mighty, the nation of Atlantis founded a great empire and prospered. The Creator did not approve of the secrets of Heaven being taught to mere mortals, of angels siring children with the Daughters of Man; of the evil and war Atlantis was bringing to the rest of the world - of the slavery, raids, rape and pillage. He approved not of nephilim corruption to the human bloodline. It is rumoured, fearfully whispered in the shadows, that there was something in Atlantis that even The Creator could not see...He decided to start over and wipe the slate clean; he sent the Flood ; 40 days and 40 nights of the greatest rain ever seen before or since. Atlantis and it's mysterious black pyramid; the Temple of the Void; vanished below ten miles of ocean forever. 



The bodies of the Fallen angels were unmade and they became "thinking breaths of wind", malicious spirits without form or shape.  Never would they be able to take a body of their own again. The nephilim, it was assumed, were destroyed with their home.



They were not. The Creator decreed that 10% live on as demons, evil spirits and monsters to keep the human race in line; to be the shadows against which the light may be contrasted. To this role, most of them fell with great relish. They have even been continuing to breed, there are 4th, fifth and even some 6th or newer generation nephilim out there now. The Fallen, too, soon learned a trick or two; like how to 'ride' a human host - to jump their spirit body inside the human, overpower or reach an agreement with his or her soul and either take turns in control or take over permanently. For the human there are 'benefits' to such deals, it is said.


They are right here, they have infiltrated to the highest levels of our society and government. They want revenge, they want to win the argument, they want to prove that the human race should be destroyed or cause it to destroy itself. There really IS darkness within; a shadow government or secret society which is running everything.  It's just not who you thought it's a lot scarier than some ambitious or power hungry humans. Think of every conspiracy theory you have ever heard of.  Think of every urban myth and every rumour; they are true but they are also lies. They didn't call Lucifer the Master of Lies for nothing. No human can match his subtlety, if you think you can see the strings, that is because they are the ones he wants you to see. 

Cast Down - The Chronicles of Enoch
Ruin - The Chronicles of Enoch

So; he mused, what are the strengths of the human race, those things which make them so unexpectedly durable and resilient, so damned hard to kill and wipe out? What gives them strength and unity?


How best to undermine each and every one of their strengths from within? Let's start by removing their faith systematically. All those warnings about the Fallen and nephilim in that great Book of Enoch, let's start there. That famous line from the famous movie about the greatest trick the devil ever pulled? They got it right. If they don't believe in the devil how can they truly believe in The Creator?


Infiltrate, undermine, discredit, blacken and burn everything which holds them together, feed their differences, stoke those flames of strife and conflict, divide the human race among itself and them, only then, when the moment is right...


Everything; every evil, every unexpected outcome, shocking or horrific turn of events, every monster, every nightmare or ghoul; what if I were to tell you that it was all orchestrated, every last iota of it; right down to that apathetic eyebrow raise you just made...

Stairway - The Chronicles of Enoch

All is not lost, however. The same Enoch, he whose Book was lost to all knowledge, has returned to Earth. The famous saying about "all things which are hidden" proved to be completely correct, the light reveals much if one knows how and where to look. That which is hidden has a habit of resurfacing, even if it is seen as a rumour, a legend or a myth. All myths and legends were once truths, even if they became drastically altered in the telling. 


Those demigods and heroes of old, for example, did you forget about them? Those who stood for Truth, Justice and all of those nebulous concepts of Good faded into legend? Maybe if the Dark endures, might it not also be possible that the Light is still out there somewhere?


The Chronicles of Enoch is an epic of previously untold scope in which the truth is finally laid out in its entirety. The age-old battle between Dark and Light, Good and Evil, which has been told and retold over and over throughout the Ages is just another sign that the Truth cannot be hidden forever. The time, perhaps, has come for this eternal struggle to be decided and the winner to claim their prize. 


Travel between the distant antediluvian world of Atlantis and the Age of Heroes, through human history to our modern times; deciphering the truth from the myths until we arrive at fact. Journey across the eternal landscape of the greatest story ever told - of angels, immortals and monsters of deepest nightmare - so that we may arrive at the point where we discover what it truly means to be human. Until we, at last, find what Lucifer is secretly afraid of...

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