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The Sons of Nemesis started out as normal Kalshodar, if there can be said to be such a thing.

Then something truly terrible happened to them, a series of increasingly terrible things in fact. That organisation that calls itself The Council was responsible for all of them.

With, thankfully, no memory of the vicious 'experiments' carried out on them deep under Lùndùn, all one hundred awoke at the same moment in the now long-abandoned facility in full armour.

As their dusty memories began to reassert themselves, they made their way to the only place they knew; The Nest, the secret Kalshodar Base hidden deep in the underground transit system under that same city.

They realised that, in spite of having trouble breathing, none of them could remove their helmets and, when they met the unexpected but welcome "garrison" of The Nest, among them a number of dwarf-trained Kalshodar, they discovered why.

Somehow they were now one with their armour, they were dead yet they were alive thanks only to their armour. To be removed from it would spell instant and painful death.

Realising who it was that had so cursed them, that Alexander was long gone and that they and the couple of hundred soldiers -  one hundred or so Kalshodar, a platoon of epibatoi, a small  hoplite brigade, and the surviving Panastàs - were all that was left on a planet that had forgotten them; they swore vengeance on their murderers.

They painted their armour the white of mourning and took the name of "The Sons of Nemesis". They would help those willing among their brothers and the ragged human resistance to reclaim the Empyraeum for Alexander's return or die trying, if that was even possible for them now.

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