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The planet Sol Drakoni is considered less a planet and more of a failed sun, hence the name. 

Discovered by the passing peregrination of The Kalshodar and later by two Arks, which arrived together by the vagaries of chance and gravity. 

Sol Drakoni itself is a gas giant, uninhabital itself but its major moons, Porvo and Kallerti are densely populated argrarian centres; the former known for  deep and lush mountain valleys where giant, sheep and goat-like creatures are farmed, the latter for its rich, red volcanic soil where some of the most prized fruit & vegetables in the whole Empyraeum are cultivated. 

Kallertian wine is considered the most robust vintage out there and there is no coffee better to be found. 

Porvian Folk Singing, said to have been invented by lonely shepherds keen to find communication across the wide and open valleys, has recently become popular on Gaia, often accompanied by instruments made from the massive discarded winter horns of the giant rams. 

In recent years, Sol Drakonia itself has seen the contruction of several refinary plaforms in its outer atmosphere where gasses and elements are mined for , among other purposes, the refinement into fuel for the fusion engines of spacecraft. 


Sol Drakoni

Official Designation: S-Draka-Binary-2

Solar System : Drako

Orbit: 9.2 Gaian Years

Rotation: 84 Gaian Hours

Diameter: 169,015.97 km

Satellites: 11 known

Atmosphere: hydrogen, helium, with trace amounts of phosphur, nitrogen, and ammonia

Orbital Position: 2nd planet in system, conisdered by many the second failed star of a binary double

Population: None on surface, up to six hundred on orbital platforms

Afiliation: Empyraeum

Colonised: EA 2064

Industry:  Fusion fuel refining

Climate: Surface uninhabitable

Max. Temperature: 1850 degrees

Min. Temperature: -2220 degrees

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