Sable - The Chronicles of Enoch

An Atlan-born nephilim thought to be the son of Abaddon, though Lucifer strongly suspects himself to be Sable's father.

Something odd happened to Sable in his late teens but nobody remembers what it was. One day he was somebody else, the next he was Sable.

Has been wandering Earth for thousands of years on his own Crusade for Right.

Has saved Enoch's life more times than either can count.


One needs to know Sable to in order to decide whose side he is on; Sable's. Not a selfish person, he has simply been rather disillusioned by what he sees as avoidable betrayals by those you would least expect to do such things. Therefore Sable does what he thinks is Right. He doesn't need Rules or Laws to know that. Everyone else be damned. Right is right, right?


Sable has been travelling the world for the past few centuries helping those who need to helped and fighting those who need to be fought, to use his words. It's not so much that he enjoys doing this, he will accept no payment or thanks. It is simply Right. Usually, those that require fighting are his fellow nephilim.

Enoch has often pointed out across the years that Sable is nothing like any nephilim the old man has ever met. He says Sable is a good man and he has honour, a rare commodity in this world. Sable says it is a disability or illness he got from somewhere which will get him killed one of these days. That is the kind of friendship that the two of them share really.


Deep down Sable and Enoch need one another though neither will admit it. They are unique and alone in this world and each has only one other person who at least partly understands them. Sable values Enoch's friendship because the one person who should, in his opinion, judge him for his heritage, does not.


The strangest thing about Sable is his name. He used to have a different one but one day everybody in Atlan forgot that name and started calling him Sable. Nobody, least of all Sable, knows why. I am Sable and Sable is me, is his best explanation.


In combat, there are extremely few who can equal him. He has an amazing ability to move right where the oncoming blow isn't right when it was going to be. He has won fights where the odds were 15-1 against him with only light wounds. He has killed giants using only his beautiful twin swords of silver Atlantan steel. Sable is a force of nature. Many have attributed his nephilim nature and rapid healing ability as reasons for his winning so many fights. Sable states it is avoiding the need to use said healing that does the trick.



Sable is also convinced that he is extremely funny and gifted with a great comedic wit.