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The secret behind reflex field generators or reflex pylons has been lost to the sands of time, we know how to build and repair them but not entirely how they work. 

What we do know is that they produce a powerful energy field that embodies, as well as reacts to Newydd's 3rd Law while simultaneously ignoring Aìnstân’s 1st Law of Termodinamika. A reflex pylon, once constructed and regardless of whether it is a small reflex armour node or a grand ship pylon will produce a field that will react to force applied towards that which it protects and push back with equal force yet require no energy input that we can discern though the proximity of a fusion power source appears to strengthen the field produced. They require no fuel source and continue to operate at the same efficiency forever unless they are destroyed which is, it would appear, quite the difficult task because the same field they produce also protects them from harm.

It is thought that they gain their power from the same unknown source as their larger cousins, the Void Gate Sentinels, which we understand next to nothing about either.

Curiously, reflex fields react perfectly with trixotropic mithril in its natural state and infuse it while also extending out a small distance from it, giving it that curious rippling appearance people always mention upon first seeing a Kalshodar in the 'flesh'.

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