Rafael; third remaining loyal archangel. The Healer. The Traveller. The Conciliator.

Is certain he can find a cure for Lucifer's 'sickness' of rebellion.

The polar opposite of Penumael, with whom he has always been in conflict.

Seen as the anchor and balance of the archangelic Triad.

Is famous for his jokes, stories and writings. Will regularly consult with Enoch and consult his library.

Archangel Rafael

Rafael; the third of the remaining loyal archangels. Rafael is the peacemaker, the facilitator and the healer. He likes to diffuse and divert conflict and to repair metaphorical wounds whenever he can. He smooths over potential arguments between Michael and Gabriel regarding the rebellion on Earth and the works of Lucifer.


Considered by many to the "Father of true medicine" he has an especial hatred for the methods and 'healing' of Penumael. Were Rafael capable of hatred of course. It seems that Michael got all the Wrath and Rafael all the conciliation. 


As those who deflect conflict often will, Rafael will resort to humour as the ideal tactic; he is a know joker and entertainer. He has some stories to tell too, many forget that Rafael is also the Traveller and has seen up close more than many could be capable of reading about. He recently spent one hundred and fifty years studying The Sun itself and can somehow make even these stories entertaining. 


Deep in his heart, Rafael is a gentle and peaceful soul. He thinks that somehow, he can find a way to cure the malady of Lucifer and his fellow Fallen. Lucifer's actions are the result of a sickness, he is certain; of the soul if not of the body. His one focus is to find the cure and free his Brother; making the Trio a Quad again. Though his brothers smile and shake their heads at his naivety, they love their optimistic brother deeply and, whether they admit it or not, secretly pray that he is right.