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Project : Prometheus sought to, with irony only someone certain that they will remain free from divine punishment can manage, to 'steal fire from the gods'. 

While Lupernikes took the majority of the Kalshodar into the long journey into the stars, one thousand reamied either on the Moon or Earth. They had been chosen, or they themselves chose, to stay and learn the skills of the dwarves, to apprentice with them so as better to serve their comrades, maintaning vehicles and weapons, fixing and fabricating armour; the idea was for the Kalshodar to be more independant and capable of operating further from Earth. 

For almost half of them, this plan seemed excellent but it never came into being. The Council developed a new stealth armour and weapons system that could stop or even kill a Kalshodar. Those captured unwillingly contributed, under brutal experimentation and eventual death, to the creation of the Promethian Company. 

Clad in bulky armour without reflex fields, the Promethians are an insult to the Kalshodar rather than flattery in imitation. They are a little taller than regular humans, much faster, and appear to have inherited the Kalshodar healing abilities but they are not dragon-born. They can fight, though and their flame-thrower/KEP carbine is deadly, as Klashodar who have been ambushed by them have discovered. In close combar they cannot compare but at range they are a challenge the Kalshodar would rather not have

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