Ritual - The Chronicles of Enoch

"There are always humans who look for the very things they should avoid and I am one of those things.."

Satanists, men and women who think worshipping the very being whose one aim is to destroy all human life is wise. They practise obscure rituals and Lucifer tolerates them because they have their uses. Their network is useful for intelligence, they are always eager to help and will often volunteer as vessels - considering this a 'blessing' - in times of emergency.

Some of their rituals actually work although the modern kind are not a patch on the sorcerers of old. The last time a ritual these humans initiated was useful was in the grerat battle of 'Ragnarok' in 700AD, when they were able to allow Lucifer and his "Horsemen" to manifest in their full glory.

Such cults and 'churches' are usually good places for Fallen to find and recruit younger nephilim.