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Videoblog Episode 7 : Politics

Now this is a polemic topic about which we all get passionate in our own fashion. We get passionate about our favoured man or woman in a suit, about our stand on certain issues and needs, about our lack of affiliation to any of the established "sides". We get passionate and passion is the artist's ground state of being is it not?

Yet I see much debate and discussion over the inclusion or exclusion of what are considered "Political" topics in a writer's repertoire. I see dire warnings of avoidance lest agents reject the writer's work. lest audiences be impacted, lest judgement be levied...

Yet I ask you, writers, what is our profession?

It is our job, I feel, to challenge what is accepted; to push boundaries and evelopes, to think outside of whatever boxes they may put in our path. To be an artist is to be, for want of a better word, open-minded.

The Perversion of Politics

In today's world what has happened with politics? Today, everything from race to whether you wear slippers at home has become political. It seems that a large proportion of, at least, the online vocal community is incapable of deciding the best stance to take on said issue without the guidance of a wise politician or vox populi.

I have always, and will always be quite firm on my own beliefs with regard to such things as race, gender equality, justice, freedom of expression, LGBTQ+ issues, and so forth. I think it is a human right to have human rights, regardless of any way in which you may differ from me. Be that difference one of gender, identity, sexual preference, the colour of your skin, the country of your birth, or the origin of your ancestors you are as human as I am (well perhaps a little more seeing as this me we're talking about). For me to say this is fact is not, in my opinion, a political statement. Such an asseration is, to me, common decency and a no-brainer as it were. People are people, it's that simple.