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The Wolf You Feed - The Trinity

In this article, Sham provides us with background into the Trinity, that much misunderstood and maligned section of Empyrean society.

You will all, I am sure, remember those cartoons you watched as children. There was often a recurring theme or...drama played out in many of the classics. The main character of the drama was presented with a moral dilemma; he or she could do good towards the secondary protagonist or, obversely, either do them harm or refuse to act. This conflict would be represented in whimsical fashion, of course.

On one shoulder stood a haloed version of the character, holding a harp and wearing a bedsheet; this character councilled restraint and good choices in dulcet tones.

On the other, a rough-voiced, red-skinned, be-horned and pitchfork wielding version of the character would try to get rid of the angel and tempt the character into less meritious behaviour.

Much hilarity would ensue, fisticuffs would be engaged in between angel and devil but good would prevail and the character would learn a fine lesson. Cue joy, twee musical interludes, dancing, and so forth.

That cartoon concept was one of my better ideas but the subtlety was lost in translation.