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The Pilot's College & The Alchera-Ungud.

The Fabled Hidden College of Pilots
The Fabled Hidden College

Commonly know as the Longshorer's Guild or College of Pilots, there is no more mysterious an organisation in The Empyraeum. Tactiturn, shaven headed, and blind-folded graduates of this organisation are found on all long-distance ships across human space; they charge no fee above food, board, and maintainence costs and they will just show up when needed, nobody ever needs to contact the College. No-one seems to know even how to contact the College.

The location of the Pilot's College is the greatest mystery of all because no-one has come close to finding it. Even in times when one could circumnavigate the globe in hours and scan every scrap of its surface in a day, not one trace of the so-called City of Pilots was ever found. Even after the College is said to have left Earth following the rise of the Union, no evidence can be found that they were ever there. Of course, the current location of the College is, surprisingly, unknown.

What is known is that Pilots have an affinity for the Void and the pathways a ship navigates through it upon entering voidgate. Through an unsettling meld of mild pyschic power and impressively complex technologies they are said to use the ship itself as they eyes they no longer possess and look upon that which is said to be the most dangerous of all things to look upon; the Void itself.

Let us investigate what little we do know.

The Appearence of Pilots