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The Creator's Paradox

Shine, me friends, fine shine upon youse all!

It's well to be among you once again. I has been telled to clean up mah language for these posts as I am hard to understand! To that end, I spent a goodling while with our absent friend Savvy and had him give me a good cleaning up, as it may be, though I swear nary a bar or sliver a' soap were involved!

Recently, Squinty and Patchy has been making some damn fine shine for you all to enjoy, I have taken much pleasure in it meself because I has been told to forebear upon the lichen whiskey for a spell an' In needed something. There was certain videos Squinty might of recorded of some scandalous rogue who tried to impersonate mah, an' that shall not be repeated! Less we spoke 'o that the better we find it, aye?

So, to the whole actual point o' me ramblin's here now....

Youse've all heard about mah love o' context an' consistency from me fine and shiny brother goblins, it helps a goblin focus and avoid the terrbul shame of gettin' something sent back to a one by Savvy wi' red marks all over it. 'Tis not the paper that holds the shame but the look on his face as he gives it to a one, so it is, that look o'....superiority! I cannae bear it but, I'm telled, it makes us a wee bit better o' a team, so it does. Adds a lot more shine to our output which can no be bad, so?

I was wanting to tell you about Squinty's latest work called "The Creator's Paradox" because t'was mah idea he worked from.

So, what's that mean, that trio of important seeming words there above? Simple, it means every writer needs to be quakers twice over....sorry mah wee joke...ok ok

It actually means that when a one is channeling them mystic muses o' inspiration, a one is so involved that the characters, the story, an' the ideas seem to be making themselves wi'out the help a one at all! It's like yerself is a conduit or channel for some record or occurance that were real and happened but that a one hasn&#x