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Shamshir Naik: Video Diary...Confession?

An intercept of Sham's personal video diary was discovered from right before he vanished from Kolkata without a trace. Behind him is a large hint to the reason he decided to confess to his diary; Neshaa's helmet containing video excerpts the Perisan thught Sham should see. Neshaa spotted Sham and Gabriel on the Moon during events of the short story "Trinity". This video is recorded between that short story and the events of "Skander Draco", the upcoming Empyraeum Novella. Sham also hints about events which will be made clearer in his Novella, "Charmer of Snakes", also coming soon.

Initial analysis of the video by native speakers of the language of Kolkata Sham is using, tell us that he is making quick an important, game-changing confession that it is quite clear he does not want to get out. We are considering whether we should simply bury this information for the time being or let it be known?

The normally very thorough and cautious Sham has let his guard down and we can see any number of clues and pieces of intriguing evidence in the room behind him, such as the "family photo" taken in the nternal courtyard of this same house. A fresh cup of dark coffee and one of his favourite little cigars lie untouched on the table behind him.

Something very clearly either spooked him or is laying heavily on his conscience. The usually animated Sham looked tired and careworn...

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