Studies of Captive Kal-Shodar

\../..\../..Intercept received and decoding...\/\/\ _ _ >

Received from Gaia backup interface location Beta-Gamma-Beta. Transcription and analysis. M. Castlebank. Martin adds "set the little snake amongst the apparently larger serpents!".

****intercept Protocol Engaged***** ****Subject Alpha-852-Gamma Identified**** ****Recording Audio and Video***** ****Negotiating / \ / \ /\ / Connected ****

**** Authorisation KaNa4532 Alpha-Kappa **** ****Streaming Conversation.... Buffering /\/\/\/ ...****

"Our experiments are not going as I had hoped. The first batch, we were lucky and surprised them. The others were harder to obtain, the subjects. We are only able to take them ten at a time, any more than that represents too great a risk for our men should things not go smoothly" the usually flat and emotionless voice sounded tired, there was more than a hint of frustration in its tone.

"We have a schedule, you are aware of this." The reply was scrambled, flat and electronic. "These delays are both dangerous and unacceptable."

"I understand, sir. We are facing issues we had not anticipated or, perhaps, I was not told about." ... "You are becoming impertinent..."

"I am simply stating facts."

"Then explain your facts, Ataraxias and be concise about it." ... "When am I ever anything but direct sir?"


"As the reports show, their physiology is incredible. As quickly as we wound them, they heal. Even a truncated limb will regrow if given enough time. Their blood appears to replenish itself when spilled. They are not, however, immune to pain; they simply have a threshold much higher than mortals do."

"Higher than most of you, also I suspect." Was that a threat concealed in the electric tones?

"I could not comment."

"We are concerned that you appear to be enjoying this. The recording you sent to the Kal-Shodar ..." "Was necessary. To anger them and send more into our nets." Ataraxia's response was cold and crisp. "We see. Please continue." impossible to tell if there was disapproval there or not.