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Studies of Captive Kal-Shodar

\../..\../..Intercept received and decoding...\/\/\ _ _ >

Received from Gaia backup interface location Beta-Gamma-Beta. Transcription and analysis. M. Castlebank. Martin adds "set the little snake amongst the apparently larger serpents!".

****intercept Protocol Engaged***** ****Subject Alpha-852-Gamma Identified**** ****Recording Audio and Video***** ****Negotiating / \ / \ /\ / Connected ****

**** Authorisation KaNa4532 Alpha-Kappa **** ****Streaming Conversation.... Buffering /\/\/\/ ...****

"Our experiments are not going as I had hoped. The first batch, we were lucky and surprised them. The others were harder to obtain, the subjects. We are only able to take them ten at a time, any more than that represents too great a risk for our men should things not go smoothly" the usually flat and emotionless voice sounded tired, there was more than a hint of frustration in its tone.

"We have a schedule, you are aware of this." The reply was scrambled, flat and electronic. "These delays are both dangerous and unacceptable."

"I understand, sir. We are facing issues we had not anticipated or, perhaps, I was not told about." ... "You are becoming impertinent..."

"I am simply stating facts."

"Then explain your facts, Ataraxias and be concise about it." ... "When am I ever anything but direct sir?"


"As the reports show, their physiology is incredible. As quickly as we wound them, they heal. Even a truncated limb will regrow if given enough time. Their blood appears to replenish itself when spilled. They are not, however, immune to pain; they simply have a threshold much higher than mortals do."

"Higher than most of you, also I suspect." Was that a threat concealed in the electric tones?

"I could not comment."

"We are concerned that you appear to be enjoying this. The recording you sent to the Kal-Shodar ..." "Was necessary. To anger them and send more into our nets." Ataraxia's response was cold and crisp. "We see. Please continue." impossible to tell if there was disapproval there or not.

"We have taken plentiful samples from the sixty we have managed to capture so far."

"The *inaudible* vivisection carried out on the first batch is no longer necessary, we understand."

"It is not, we are drugging them now, and the laboratory is a quieter place." Perhaps it was irony or joke but it appeared he was trying to compete in being even more unemotional in his delivery than his listener. "We are focussing on collection and experimentation on samples, trying to unlock whatever secrets are contained. We are certain they used to be as human as, perhaps, you and I once were, a long time ago."

There was a pause and his listener refused to fill the silence, to take the bait. "You are saying the rumours are true then?" The listener finally asked.

"That they are from the Macedonian's original invasion force?" He answered. "Those who marched with him over three thousand years ago? Yes. Initial genetic studies have revealed their profile matches people from that time period and location. They are Ancient Greeks, so the geneticists tell me. Africans, Indians, and Xin too."


"They are immortals, then?"

"They have a – ah – certain longevity, yes. They are close to as old as our Indian friend, best we can tell." "So old?"

"He is a few centuries older, it appears, but he would have known some of them, personally, we believe." "That is interesting." A long pause. "Have you managed to locate this traitor and exile?"

"We have not; he would appear to be extremely resourceful, as I had indicated in the report of my first meeting with him." Was that a colouring on anger creeping into his toneless voice? "The same report where I recommended simply eliminating him."

"We are aware of this report." Another uncomfortable pause. "Back to the subject at hand."

"Yes sir. The - ah - subjects are euthanized or frozen on site after the samples are taken. Those we are finished with are incinerated so there is no trace and, of course, for sanitary purposes."

It could have been a chuckle but, with the filtering, it was hard to tell. "Of course."

"We tried to do the same with their armour, once we studied it, but it appears most unwilling to burn.. There are materials in its construction we are entirely unfamiliar with. Its systems appear to be genetically coded but attempts to - ah - fool the systems using the samples we collected have been, without exception, failures."

"The suits have an AI inside of them you are saying?" Another long pause. "They can tell that their - ah - host no longer lives?"

"We are uncertain. The technology we are studying is significantly more advanced than anything we have ever seen. We think it is programming and some kind of hardware working in tandem."

"You are reporting very few facts, then."

"We are, sir, working with what we have." A slight edge to his voice now, quite obvious. "Supposedly the best the world has to offer. It would appear our - well- guests, have access to some other source than we."



"Each and every system inside of their armour, their weapons, even their clothing is at least two hundred years beyond anything we have. Studying it with what we have is comparable to attempting to study a computer using a hammer."

"Progress is a process. We expect to learn from this technology, not hear of failure to do so. You have the best men and - ah - the imagination. We suggest you use them."

"It is being worked on, sir." He was fighting to control his voice. "May I. continue?" .... "Certainly. "

"Thank you. Their equipment defeats us; we kept two complete samples of each item and tried to incinerate the rest with the bodies we no longer require. The bodies were reduced of ash, of course. The armour, it would appear, barely got warm. When we opened the incinerator, all of the suits were almost identical to when we put them in there. Some of the paint had come off and the pteruges and kilts were gone, obviously, but the suits themselves are...barely scorched. We have moved them into the backup freezers for now, space is not a great luxury at this facility."

"It is what you have."

"Indeed. We have made some advances in the genetic side of our studies. The - ah - men are all of Greek origin from around 3-4 thousand years ago, as I said. They are also in possession of a triple DNA helix."

"Triple helix?"

"As you surely know, all beings of human origin have two intertwining strands of-" ... "We know that. Even we have only a double helix!"

"Quite." He switched gear smoothly, voice back under his control again. "These individuals have three, the additional strand is complex beyond anything we have seen, it has at least four times the base pairs, four times the - ah - data of the, shall we say, original set."

''You have been able to transcribe this code?"

"We have. We have the code but not the - ah - key. We see commonalities with sequences present in human DNA and we see ... other things."

"Such as?"

"There appear to be sequences from sources other than human in there." ... "Like what?" There could be a tone there, it could be one of disbelief.

"We are uncertain. Reptilian perhaps, among others, but we have been unable to identify it. It matches no profiles we have on file for gaeic species."

"Are you saying it is extragaeic in origin?"

"We cannot say that for sure. A species we have not yet encountered certainly." ... "Hybrids of some description, then?"

"It appears that way." He was fully in control again, his superior's discomfiture restoring his confidence. "As I said, we are uncertain."

"Have the scientists been able to replicate some of the - ah - talents of the subjects?" ... "They have not." Flat finality.

"We see."

"Volunteers have received - ah - transfusions of material. Initial results appeared encouraging however; they failed, each and every time. The - well - outcomes shared the fate of the source material."

"They were burned? We see. What was the nature of these failures?"


"Excuse me?"

"The - ah - grafts initially took. The volunteers were correctly screened and found to be free of any defects. The material was introduced and results were close to immediate. Their physical strength and reaction times increased. No augmentation of size was observed in the subjects. They looked almost the same as they did before the procedure."


"The changes were .... first." ... "At first? What were the changes?"

"Like the source material, they developed faint scaling patterns on some areas of the skin. In 3 out of 5 volunteers, their eyes also changed colour, took on a golden-red sort of shade. One subject developed elongated canines. Another grew claws."

"Very interesting. And then?"

"Then the changes grew more .... dramatic. It seemed that their DNA was being rewritten by the introduced material and, it would also appear that their own DNA was resisting the attempts at editing."

"How so?"

"Their bodies began to change rather shockingly. They all either died in extreme agony or had to be subdued and destroyed. Research staff were harmed in some of these endeavours, a number were also killed. Equipment, too, was damaged."

"All of which can be replaced."

"Quite." Was that a note of anger returning to Ataraxias' tone? "However, we have yet to obtain a stable result. All of our volunteers either died from the experience or had to be destroyed."

"That is unfortunate."

"Very." Crisp coldness returns to Ataraxias' voice. "There is something in their DNA which becomes - I hesitate to describe it in such terms but we have found no other explanation - hostile to the volunteer's own and - ah - attacks it. The results are rather horrifying." He did not sound horrified, he was stating facts calmly, as if he were talking about the weather.

"That is surprising." The artificial tone revealed none of that. "And most unfortunate. Many assets and much capital have been invested in this project. Failure to return on that investment would not be welcome."

"Is that a threat, sir?"

"Does it sound like a compliment, Ataraxias?"

"We are not finished yet, of course." There was an edge to his voice now, there could be no way the listener had not detected it. "We are working on some buffering methods, trying to isolate what could only be called the Kal-Shodar DNA defences. We are also working on decoding the third DNA strand itself. We could bring the Gaia system into -"

"You could not." The answer was final and left no room for manoeuvre.

"Understood, we shall work with what we have then. I will note that access to said system would give us information we could not otherwise obtain." An even crisper edge was now present in his voice. "I feel we are being somewhat hobbled in our endeavours. I may even hazard that this is intentional on -"

"You overstep your bounds!" The electronic voice remained expressionless and flat but, somehow a threat was communicated.


"My apologies. My desire to serve is colouring my judgement. It is frustrating to not be able to deliver what I so dearly want to deliver to The Elders. I am ashamed."

"Accepted. Continue." Nothing was given away in that tone.

"My thanks," The tone was not even slightly conciliatory, it sounded predatory. "I accept the limitations you have placed on this endeavour and will ensure no failures of any kind are tolerated, be assured of that."

"So, we cannot unlock their DNA code but what about these genetic locks you described?"

A sigh, deep and apparently genuine. "Our successes there have been limited. We have tried using material from the subjects and from some of our less dramatically changed volunteers, those who remained human-shaped. All attempts were lacking in the results we desired."

"You have experts in computers, in electronics. You tried - what is it called - hacking of course?"

"Of course, sir." Another sigh, this one sounding more impatient than resigned. "The systems on these suits use a kind of code they have never seen before. Our systems - and even Gaia - use hexadecimal binary code, something that we learned about at the Symposium a few years ago. However this code is quite different. The programmers are calling it adaptive quantidecimal. That means it's much more complex than they can compile. Each time they think they have a key, the lock changes."

"That must be frustrating for them."

"Threats have not obtained further success. A nervous programmer or - as you said - hacker does not work with the level of attention to detail and diligence required for the task."

"Understood." What may have been an electronic sigh. "How close are they?"

"We are keeping the suits in cold storage as I said, just to be certain there are no - ah - surprises hidden in them. That was we make sure the temperature is below that which the electronics onboard appear to operate best in." ... "That, at least, is wise. You expect to obtain more subjects? We requested one hundred as a good sample."

"We are working on that. It seems that since the - ah - incident in their base under Lundun, they have adapted their systems. Their defensive fields have been upgraded and our previous tactic is no longer 100% reliable."

"Yes, your report tells me that the - ah - gentleman your men encountered was rather different to those you have invited to be your guests. Tell me about that one."

"Well, we have interrogated the sole survivor of that expedition and the systems of his suit also. It seems, to begin with, that the - gentleman - chose to send him to us, to keep him alive in order to serve as messenger."

"I recall this from your report."

"Indeed. We were rather surprised by this individual. He was nothing like our guests. Rather spectacularly so." ... "Explain."

"You recall I met the Steward, Lupernikes, in Alexandria some time ago?" ... "Of course, we sent you there."

"He was one of them, if you recall my report. He was a Kal-Shodar to the best of my knowledge. Everything about him that I could observe matches our guests."

"This I also recall."

"This one was rather different to even be." He cleared his throat softly. "This one is larger and equipped rather differently. From the intercepts and reports we knew this before the - ah confrontation, we knew this. However it would appear that the differences are not just superficial, not just a different set of armour."


"How so?"

"For one the weapon he wielded." He paused and the sound of papers being shuffled could be heard. "A bardicheI believe you call it. It is possessed of some kind of technology beyond belief. It was able to intercept and deflect slightly sub-sonic projectiles from the rail guns with apparent ease, exhibiting no damage to itself in the process. Of course most of the imaging we have is in the infrared and so detail is limited. The other members of The Commander's team we have as yet been unable to recover so we have only his suit systems to work with."

"Of course. What more do you have to tell us?"

"His weapon - this bardiche - cut men in half, despite of them wearing the best defensive systems we can make. He - ah - demolished 29 men in approximately thirty seconds without taking any injury to himself and - we have determined - without his deflective energy fields being operable."


"Our techs have determined that the - ah - stunt he pulled in the transit system was intentional. He overloaded his defensive fields in order to stealth himself so we would know where he was going but not how he got there. This overload manoeuvre meant his fields would have stayed offline until they could be properly repaired at his eventual destination."

"The moon?"

"No, they cleared out the base on the moon according to information we received from a reliable source. All data systems purged and useless."

"So where then?"

"Space, it would appear. Our source also found evidence of large-scale ship construction and we thus hypothesise that they all left Earth, he came back for something though."

"But these ones you captured?"

"We do not know. They may scream when we work with them but they keep their mouths shut otherwise."

"Ha ha, work with them..." The laughter was not laughter; the electronic filter rendered it as words without inflection.

"Quite." Impatience again. "This is the first time we have seen one like this -" More sounds of papers. "Alkemas Neshaa, as he called himself."

"A Persian?"

"So it would seem, an ancient Persian name at least."

"So, this Neshaa, this dragon-man." Back to business, voice cold as ice again. "He was larger, faster and considerably skilled. His weapon glowed as it - dismantled - my men. Some of the techs, who are the least superstitious people I know, talked of magic."


"You know sir, runes, eldritch powers, that kind of thing." He laughed, his sounding barely more alive than the listener's had. "Legendary weapons that can do things no technology can achieve."

"Well if their technology is so far advanced beyond our own -"

"Those are exactly my thoughts, sir!" The listener could not see the bloodless smile but he did not need to. "No need to surrender to idiot superstition simply because one lacks understanding. Suffice it to say, said employee's tenure was terminated."

"Permanently I expect."

"Of course." Ataraxias agreed.

"If we could get our hands on one of these dragon-men, as you describe him. You think there may be more like him?"

"We are relying on history and legend here but, it is said that there were three-hundred such individuals serving with the Macedonian."

"Well you know how inaccurate those writings are."

"Of course. The fact that I have sixty exaggerations downstairs and that twenty-nine of my men were killed by another one in a base which was made by shadows ... ."

"Your sarcasm, as ever, is unwelcome ..."

"Again, I apologise." He sounded not even slightly contrite. "I meant to point out that we have seen these legends in the flesh, therefore they may contain a nugget of truth perhaps."

"Perhaps you are right. So there would be more of them, you say."

"Two hundred and ninety-nine of them, potentially."


"I have a feeling you know more than you are telling me."

"Perhaps ... now if you could obtain once of these others for your - ah - work ...”

"One of them killed almost thirty of my best men and compromised another with extreme ease. I do not know how many men we would need - and lose - to bring one of them down."

"If, perhaps, surprise were involved ..."

If one can see that the chains in fact are strings?

"Then we may lose a few less but one of these bigger ones with his defensive capabilities fully upgraded and online? I feel fifty men would present no real challenge to him." He sighed again. "Also we have no reason to believe any of them remain on Earth as we have never seen one before. We are sure they were operating off-planet and that this one came back for something."

"He may return again."

"And we will, of course be watching." ... "We always watch."

"Indeed. I am not prepared to waste men in a suicide mission however." ... "You are to follow orders ... "

"If I were to send one hundred men against one of these - ah - warriors, it would be in the certain knowledge that only half might return ...”

"Fine. We will review this information." ... "My thanks, sir. Is there anything else?"

"Continue with your work and keep us appraised of your progress." A pause, punctuated by toneless laugher. ... "Although we expect said progress to actually - ah - progress henceforth."

"As you command."

****Intercept Signal Lost**** ****Attempting to Acquire**** ****No Response**** ****Connection Failed****

****Hold MI\ Related Record Detected**** ****Log #LY45-XX217-AB Attaching*** ***Transcribing /\/\/\/.... Loaded****

Attempts to Replicate Kal-Shodar Physiology and Studies Thereof.

Record # LY45-XX217-AB Konciliatos Atraraxias

REF: Project PROMETHEUS ##Date Redacted## ##Location Redacted##



To date, Council operations have been able to obtain and relocate sixty living soldiers known popularly as Kal-Shodar. Said to be original soldiers present during the conquests of The Macedonian in 3214 BU (Before Union) when these same soldiers are said to have been altered by unknown means or technology. The result was a much larger, stronger and, it is said immortal version of the original man. It is the purpose of this study to determine what these changes are and how they were effected. It is also our aim to see how these changes may be replicated for military applications.


As mentioned, sixty subjects were subdued and re-located to our facility. Each subject submitted to a battery of tests and analyses. Material was obtained from subjects in the form of tissue, bone and blood. Full spectrum genetic testing was also carried out. Physical studies were implemented to determine origins and causes of the following;

1. The rapid healing of the subjects which was observed initially upon a wounded subject in the field.

2. The different appearance of the subjects blood when compared to human normal.

3. Their enhanced physiology; size, height and muscle mass.

4. Their apparent and rumoured longevity.

Test subjects, volunteers within the facility's staff and security forces also accepted infusions of extracted material to test its effects on normal-base humans.


When we obtained our first ten subjects, our methodology was rather rough and basic. Accusations of butchery or vivisection were levelled at our medical team for their methods of stress-testing the Kal-Shodar healing factor. The robustness of this factor both needed to be explored and overcome in the name of scientific investigation. All ten subjects expired during said testing. Samples were obtained and the bodies were incinerated to avoid mortification or contamination. Storage was deemed unnecessary as more samples were later acquired.

Our methods of obtaining further subjects was, by necessity confrontational and direct. Angering the remaining Kal-Shodar on Earth (we knew they were here but we did not know where) in order to encourage reciprocal action on their part was the only way to obtain more subjects. Our operatives were able to detain a total of five more patrols under Lundun and the surrounding area before they changed their tactics and upgraded their defensive field technology. After this time, patrols were less common and we suspect that the main base of the Kal-Shodar was either abandoned or relocated (See Record #AA47-XX217-GM for a report of operations relating to said location. Advisement: Said document carries Alpha-Alpha level of clearance. ACCESS DENIED). It would be a time before we could locate further subjects and inviting them to our location became more challenging.

Developments in our experiments may change that, updates will be provided presently.

Let us establish a structure for our findings. We divide these into three sections, which we will approach in turn.

The physiology of the Kal-Shodar (containing blood-work, genetics and healing), the technology of the same and the volunteer experimentation.

The Physiology of the Kal-Shodar

We have direct observation made by the author from his meeting with Steward Lupernikes, himself a Kal-Shodar, in Alexandria the First in ##Date Redacted##. We needed firmer data and observational analysis. We need to not only know the hows but also the whys and, most importantly, if said process can be replicated for the benefit of the human race as a whole. Let us approach each study we made upon the physical form of the Kal-Shodar in turn.

Appearance; A Kal-Shodar measures between 7.5 and 8.2 feet in height and weighs approximately 550 pounds. They have an extremely well-defined musculature and appear to each be somewhere around the ages of 27-35 years. We have observed several differences aside from the obvious one of size. Their facial appearance has marked similarities to sufferers of giganticism (i.e. exaggerated proportions of features, lack of what would be considered normal facial symmetry) as well as a slight re-arrangement of what are considered average facial proportions. The eyes are a little larger and the cheekbone and jaw area wider. We also noticed that each subject has a fine patterning of scales upon their skin. Close in colour to their skin, these scales are located in the underarm area, on the throat, base of ears and the neck, and around the groinal area. It is also to be noted that Kal-Shodar lack any form of genitals. They have a rudimentary penis type organ but this is used exclusively for the expulsion of urine. During our testing period, however, none of them urinated nor defecated at all. It appears that, as well as an incredibly accelerated metabolism, their systems are so efficient as to produce next to no waste products, aside from very small amounts of urine. Our scientists determine their metabolism is close to 96% efficient which is close to unheard of in nature. It is also determined that their healing is related to this accelerated metabolism. The exact mechanism of this escapes us, however.

Differences to human-base form; Kal-Shodar specimens are, of course larger than a base human and lack genitalia, as previously mentioned. They exhibit none of the cellular degeneration associated with aging. In this they are similar to Trinity although none of the 'talents' demonstrated by these individuals have yet been observed in our subjects. As mentioned the specimens have a faint patteming of scales, as observed in reptiles on certain parts of their bodies. Analysis of these growths shows they are keratinous in nature, as of those in reptiles. These scales provide no form of protection we can discern, they are merely decorative or a side-effect of whatever process brought about their transformation. Deeper analysis has also found that their bones are laced with some form of naturally occurring carbon fibre or similar crystalline substance, making them incredible strong. We feel this is as much to support their increased size and muscle mass as much as for defence. Their internal organs are also somewhat different from human norms. Their heart is larger and there are some organs present which we have been unable to identify the function of. Here are the main differences we have observed;

1. Larger heart muscle. A Kal-Shodar heart weights around 21bs more than the human average, internal ventricles are also expanded indicating higher efficiency of blood transport.

2. Liver is actually smaller than average human. Analysis of tissue has actually shown an increased efficiency of function however.

3. Lungs are somehow coated internally with a substance which makes them both more efficient and also highly resistant to heat. This substance is no compound we have been able to classify. It resembles no compound found on Earth so far.

4. Their eyes contain four times as many retinal cones as human eyes and also twice as many rod formations. The retina also has a form of reflective coating like that present in some deep sea fish. This is likely to provide them with some degree of enhanced low-light or night vision.

5. Their blood is considerably more viscous than human blood and close to black in colour. Further study seems to indicate they have previously unseen variant of haemoglobin which is ten times more efficient at oxygen fixture and carries both methane and nitrogen from the lungs as well as carbon dioxide. Some of the carbon is mined into the blood (hence the black colour thereof) in order to be carried to the bones to maintain the crystalline matrix discussed in the next point.

6. Crystalline carbon matrix structure in bones. Human bones tend to be a lattice structure of calcium and other materials, Kal-Shodar bones have naturally occurring carbon fibre structures woven into these microscopic gaps, reinforcing the bones greatly. This structure is maintained as their blood carries minerals and gases not normally fixed into human haemoglobin.

7. Finger and toe nails. Kal-Shodar have these as do normal humans, however those in our subjects are made of a bone-like substance and not keratin like those of regular humans. No claws or similar structures have been observed and it is supposed these are a redundant mutation as their skin scales are.

8. At least five major and minor organs not present in regular humans have been found. We are uncertain of what purpose these serve exactly but hypothesise the following;

1. Two spherical structures, one behind and connected to each lung which appear to be gas exchange or filtration structures. These may remove toxins from the air they breathe or refine it somehow.

2. A small organ attached to the spinal column seems to fabricate the bone-lacing structures previously mentioned.

3. Located near the larynx there is a small organ which appears to generate electrical sparks. The purpose of this organ is unknown.

4. A node near the hypothalamus of the brain, again the purpose of this organ is unknown.

In short, our subjects have all been seen to exhibit mutations from the human base form, some of these are clearly beneficial, others are simply carry overs from whatever process was used to alter them.

Genetics of the Kal-Shodar

As previously mentioned, genetic study revealed all of our subject exhibited traits which are traceable to Attic and Mycenaean or Illyrian DNA stains, among other; ancient African, Scythian, and even ancient Xin/Manchurian. Several of these strains went extinct around 1,500 years ago. Further study has revealed a genetic age, averaged over all subjects of 2,500-3,000 years; tracing them back to Macedonia, Greece and its environs around 3000-3500 BU.

We had long suspected that the Macedonian's Empyraen army used to be human and were somehow altered. We have history, rumour and legendary accounts of their exploits, their physical form and longevity. Accounts and data from the Empyraeum itself were previously thought to have been greatly exaggerated or outright fabrications in order to legitimise The Macedonian's rule. We have found this to no longer be the case and have found, in fact that the Kal-Shodar version of the tale may well be 100% accurate. This information is to be classified as NOT FOR PUBLIC DISSEMINATION.

Most important to mention is the presence of a very significant difference of base-human or any living creature so far studied or identified on Earth. As is known, all humans possess DNA; each cell in the human body possesses these complex chemical codes which contain the 'recipe' for that person and every aspect of them. This DNA is coiled within the cells into a double-helix, resembling a twisted ladder formation; two stands with 'rungs' linking them. In the Kal-Shodar, there is a third strand woven through these 'rungs' and also with connecting 'rungs' of its own to the other two strands. This is termed a triple helix and is the first time this phenomenon has been observed by science. Attempts to splice the third strand or parts of it into regular human DNA have resulted in the third strand (or fragments) 'self-destructing' or causing the secretion of enzymes which dissolve not only the spliced DNA but all DNA present. It has never been observed, even in viruses, that DNA will appear to protect its secrets so well. We propose DNA from 'dead' subjects cannot be used as it is somehow programmed to expire. Mining from living hosts using viral vehicles has shown greater success although we had to adapt said vehicles against the incredible immune systems of the host.

I. The DNA collected is made up of the regular four base-pairs of chemicals encountered in all previously studied DNA, no additional substances have been found.

2. The third strand contains patterns of the same four base pairs as does all other DNA

3. Chemical links or 'rungs' exist between all three strands creating 'base triplets' in some occasions rather than base pairs. 'Base quadruplets' (four interconnections rather than the usual two) have also been observed.

4. DNA patterns exist in their codes which have been observed in some avians and reptiles, however no species has been found which presents an exact match. We postulate previously unknown species they had contact with when their transformation was effected.

This means Kal-Shodar DNA is capable than much more complex encoding than any we have previously observed. We believe their rapid healing factor and cellular rejuvenation, that which assists their longevity, are at least partially genetically based. Cellular mitochondria, the powerhouses of the cells are seen to exist in triple the profusion of any previously seen organism.

In short, the Kal-Shodar cannot truly be considered human any more; they started as human, thousands of years ago but have become something else. How these changes happened is beyond our ability to determine but presents us with a sobering possibility. Evidence of genetic engineering before the existence of formal science, before anyone was supposed to know about DNA or even genetics. The Kal-Shodar were somehow engineered into what can only be called Trans-Humans or Post-Humans three and a half thousand years ago, but by whom or what? Extragaeic influences are hypothesised but no evidence of such contact or activity has been found. Simply put, this is on mystery we incapable of solving. It has been requested that Gaia be used to analyse this DNA but these petitions have so far been denied.

Hybridisation Attempts

Volunteers among the staff of this facility and security forces thereof submitted to transfusions of Kal-Shodar blood and materials as well as direct DNA infiltration techniques. The idea of genetic manipulation of their genotype, no matter how unlikely that would be considering their age, had to be investigated. If they were engineered genetically, then they could be used to use similar techniques on other humans and create our own Kal-Shodar. This is The Council's goal for this research; to understand our enemies better and, of course to make our soldiers equal to or better than them. In total, three hundred (300) subjects were used in these experiments, all of them were volunteers.

Our initial testing of DNA combination were, as mentioned, not successful due to the self-destruction of said material. We had thought that perhaps living DNA was required opposed to attempting combination in laboratory conditions, that may have been part of the process of their creation, a kind of infection or viral infiltration they had been exposed to. Let us detail the results of each here;

Blood transfusions to security personnel; Small amounts, initially lOcc, increasing this by 0.05cc increments, were given to the volunteers. These volunteers were anaethnatised as a precaution. Their vital signs were carefully monitored and any changes logged and recorded. Armed guards were added after the first few attempts. These experiments were failures and these issues can be divided into three categories;

1. Immediate or slightly delayed death by traumatic organ failure of the subject.

2. Slight mutation of the subject with no noticeable benefits or issues.

3. Dramatic mutation of the subject resulting in the need to restrain or eliminate the subject. ###Section Redacted### The latter mutations were the more common see attached ##Redacted##.

Regardless of the resultant category into which the subject fell, the experiments were failures. No beneficial changes to the subjects were noted.

Other Material Introduction into general personnel; Bone grafts, muscle and brain tissues were surgically implanted into the subject. Procedures established during the blood transfusions were maintained, just in case. The results were close to matching those results seen above added to these we had four addional categories;

1. Minor superficial mutations. Such as bone spurs, eye-tooth growth and superficial scaling. No other effects observed in subject.

2. Strange psychological effects. The subject fell into a homicidal rage or insanity and either attempted to kill themselves or the personnel placed for their protection and that of the medical staff.

3. The subject haemorrhaged dramatically and died almost immediately.

Again, nothing beneficial was gained from these experiments. They were abandoned after the first ten attempts.

Direct DNA Infiltration; Viral vehicles were created containing both fragments and complete third strands of Kal-Shodar DNA into the bodies of the test subjects. Twenty were initially chosen for this gene therapy; ten security personnel, ten non-essential medical and scientific staff. Ten randomly chosen subjects received segments of the DNA, then the complete strand. Equal security procedures to prior experiments were observed. There was a greater degree of success with this method and we increased the procedure to all remaining volunteers. Half received fragments and half received a full DNA strand. We noticed four distinct classes of result, regardless of whether full or partial DNA strand infiltration was used;

1. No visible result. Further study discovered heightened metabolism and increased of immunologic response to basic and even advanced bacterial and viral invasive strains. Increased appetite was also observed in these subjects.

2. Some superficial alterations of subject's appearance. Changes to eye colour, epidermal scaling, fingernail changes (as previously observed) and dental alteration. The same results as the subjects shown above were also seen.

3. Sudden and dramatic gain in muscle mass and overall robustness. Basal body temperature was also increased by 3-5C in subjects but sweat response was also reduced. These subjects, though few, are what we consider to be the optimal result. We will discuss these candidates later.

4. Dramatic and terminal changes to the subject. These subjects altered faster than their bodies could cope and effectively tore themselves apart. There was no uniformity to muscle mass increases, left would increase dramatically and right side did not or some groups of muscles would alter when others did not.

Random superficial mutations would also occur, claws, horns and fangs would be observed before the subject's body gave up and expired. Levels of serotonin and dopamine in the subject's blood were shown to be at 2-300% of normal human base level. Subjects did not always die immediately, some suffered incredible pain before being euthanized. After study, these subjects were incinerated.

The obvious conclusion is that the subject's physical condition, age, ethnicity and also DNA structure (absence or presence on genetic deficiencies, although some subjects with these were show to no longer have them after treatment. Further investigation required) were major factors in how the process affected them. We have yet been unable to determine a definite set of factors which will determine success but, it is the author's opinion that our knowledge of genetics is still rather lacking in a number of areas. This is, of course not something we can remedy overnight but it does limit our ability to achieve the desired results. The additional DNA strand present in the Kal-Shodar is an example of sublime genetic and scientific skill far beyond anything we have.

Now there is one final item to address, those who not only survived the process but seemed to be improved by it. The successes. I will discuss the case of our prime success, that of a man who has requested he only be identified as The Commander. We have his full name on file as ##Redacted##.

Subject #A-141-BMUC-65521-IC; "The Commander".

It is strange to note that the man in question, a long term security employee of The Council is the lone survivor of the encounter with the Kal-Shodar known as 'Alkemas Neshaa',

Biography of Subject: The Commander is a career military man, he served with the Bryttoni Army as a special forces operative for around 15 years before being dishonourably discharged ten years ago following full court martial due to his involvement in ##Redacted##. He is a Bryttani native and was educated at the University of Alexandria-Upon-Thames between ##Redacted##. He, surprisingly to some majored in Philosophy, History & Pre-Hegemony Languages. He chose a military career for reasons which escape us. He is the son of the influential politician ##Redacted## and could have used his university studies (and connections) to follow a much safer and lucrative career path. We are sure there are reasons for this. At time of procedure, the subject was 35 years old and in excellent health.

Post-Procedural Observations: The subject was given a full strand of Kal-Shodar DNA introduced via inactive viral vehicles into his bloodstream. The subject was anaethnatised at the time of procedure and, due to safety protocols developed since earlier experiments, restrained completely. Fully armed security personnel were also present. It took a total time of 2 hours and 47 minutes for changes to complete in the subject, they were, in order, as follows;

1. +25 minutes; Increase in BP (sis/dia) of 10mglhg and increase of pulse rate by 20bpm to 110bpm resting.

2. +35 minutes; Increase in basal body temperature by l0C to 35C.

3. +45 minutes, serotonin levels in subject's blood increased by 25%.

4. +1 hour 10 minutes; dermal scales began to appear on subject's chest and groinal area. Body temperature 38C, low-level fever. Perspiration still present though reduced and not profuse.

5. +1 hour 30 minutes; slight convulsions noticed in subject. Nothing of great concern although basal body temperature is now 41 C, high fever. Subject continues to perspire so fever is not present. Subject is leaking clear fluid resembling lymph from pores. The substance is waxy or resinous in consistency. Samples were collected for further study.

6. +1 hour 50 minutes; Basal body temperature 45C, perspiration continues. Serotonin levels increased to 45% above normal, muscle mass increasing noticeably. 25-30% increase is estimated. Scars on subject's arms and torso began to noticeably fade. No other new tissues have been noted.

7. +2 hours: Muscle mass increased by 35-40%, body weight increased 100lbs. Serotonin levels up 55%. Basal body temperature 45C. Perspiration continues. Blood Ph 6.2 and BP up 10%. Heart rate increased 5%. No negative effects seen. Subject is stable.

8. +2 hours 25 minutes: All signs stabilising at previous levels though no decreases noted. Muscle mass increasing at 2% per minute. No other signs seen. Faint patterning of scaling remains. Scars are no longer visible on any part of subject's body. Skin feels slightly hot to the touch but not feverish. Iris of both eyes displaying a golden/red colouration.

9. +2 hours 47 minutes: No changes. Temperature, BP and heart rate decreasing steadily before plateauing at 5% above human base normal.

Once the subject had recovered he was subjected to physical and mental examination. His reflexes and strength are clearly improved. He was always a strong, fast and physically able individual but he has told us that he feels at least twenty years younger. He tells us he can exercise heavily for over an hour and feel no fatigue. He seems to look younger also. The author would estimate his age as closer to twenty rather than the thirty-five years he is known to have. He also states that he feels "beyond incredible" and takes to any physical tasks we set him with great enthusiasm.

He tells us his appetite is incredible and he seems to get hungry every two hours or so, eating almost 20% more than usual, craving a lot of protein and calcium; preferably fish, milk, and soft cheeses. His intelligence, always rather higher than normal, seems to be around the same though he indicates that his memory appears to be better, he feels "sharp as a knife" he told some researchers. He is clearly the same man to look at, although younger and stronger in appearance. No other differences and no obvious changes to his appearance have been noted, although the pattern of scaling and eye colouration remain unchanged, they are likely permanent. He remained in observation for two weeks in order to ensure no negative effects and none were observed, everything remains as observed. He continues to get stronger and healthier. The author has a very sneaking suspicion that the short lifespan he could have expected is no longer going to be a concern for this gentleman. He is displaying typical symptoms of a recently awoken Trinity. The apparent reverse aging back to his 'prime', healing of scars and general excellent health are, in our opinion, as standard for a new Trinity. Only time, of course, will tell us the truth of that. Further investigation of this potential link is highly recommended. It is our recommendation he be returned to active duty, along with the twenty other men who showed similar improvements to him.

Of course further study of blood and other samples collected from these men is recommended in order to determine how their improvements were effected and negative side-effects (or lack of effects) in others were avoided. The author would also recommend that The Commander and the other twenty successes be removed from their previous units and banded into a new unit, under the subject's direct command. This unit should train together to determine their new abilities and be used in obtaining more source material for further experimentation. We need forty more subjects in order for the program to proceed as scheduled. Perhaps using these twenty-one men as source should be researched.

Over the past two weeks, all twenty subjects have reached an average height of 7'4" though their muscle mass remains as before.

Full approval for the continuation of this program, now code-named PROMETHEUS has been granted in advance by all Council Elders and additional training and research into equipping our new PROMETHEUS company under The Commander is awaiting final approval. We request immediate availability for field testing our new unit.

Field tests of early PROMETHEUS Unit prototypes are underway.

Initial Elder response indicates that if PROMETHEUS field testing is successful, an additional eighty (80) volunteers will be required to a total number of one hundred (l00) individuals. They will be arranged into five (5) units of twenty (20) men each. Budgetary approval for equipment and training research have been pre-earmarked and set aside.

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