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The Language of the Empyreaum (Là Glostèan Empyraen)

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

La Glostean Empyraen
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ESG (technically it's LGE - Là Glostèan Empyraean - but I chose to keep it simple and produce intresting acronyms) was the result of several years of soldiers from across the Empyraeum trying to determine the location of the mess tent or latrines during the Bloodless Conquest. Six million soldiers, artisans, merchants, and the numerous other professions that support what was effectively a mobile city, two hundred and fifty languages, many more dialects…Greek was no longer the predominant language of this force of unequalled size and people had to communicate.

It started with various pidgins and cants, a word here, a phrase there - this thing is called that and you say this in this fashion, it costs this many – but, eventually, words and phrases started to integrate and spread, especially those not meant to be heard in polite company! Soldiers are rarely know for their smooth tongues and gentle manner, after all.

Nobody really knows how it started, it was not record