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A Day of Celebration

The more observant among you may have noticed quite a lot of activity from our Creative Goblins recently, they have been rather busy little fellows!

Foremost among their great achievements would have to be the radical improvements they have made on this fine webpage! On Friday evening, they broke out the lichen wine and began to dance like the fine ladies pictured above. Not anywhere near as pleasant for a man to look at, I admit, but amusing beyond a doubt.

So, why such scenes of troglodytic celebration? Well, after many months of speculation and a trickle-fed dose of pure Empyraeum joy to your eyes or several, went live! Not only that but it went right to the head of several Google search terms within minutes; such clever little goblin folk we have here!

Of course, as is ever the case wih those insane savants that we have working with us, that was not all...

As I said, they have been really, really busy these past few weeks, I have no idea how they did it all so quickly (I have yet to sample their lichen wine but I hear that exotic cave lichen is not the only ingredient). Let me share with you a summary, as it were, of their recent achievements;

  1. This fine source of information on the Empyraeum itself, incorporating the rather impressive Enkyklopaideia Empyraen, thoughts and observations from several of my good friends, and portraits of us all, including an especially fine one of your good blogger himself.

  2. Those sneaky little goblins do enjoy giving the game away, as it were. We are not even close to finishing our first collaborative narration of events leading up to and including our return to Earth, but already they are hinting about what we have gotten down on paper! As usual, though, they have encoded their give-aways in some of their artwork. Their portrait of our fine Lady Dragon captures Her mein so well!

  3. The Empyrae