The Art of Words and the True magic of Poetry

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So here is the truth, I began my life and fell in love with poetry before I fell in love with story writing. How one could vary the meanings, the style, the clause and even the period of time the words came from in order to make them dance and mean whole new things! I was bewitched and enchanted in ways I could not describe. Writing silly little songs and ditties, thinking and talking in rhyme...Once my love of poetry was awoken, I would spend whole days thinking in verse and just writing them down. Some days I churn out 10 or 15 poems and keep five that I like, sometimes more.


I think that poets and writers of story are not distinct necessarily.  Being a writer of tales does not preclude one from being a poet and vice versa. The artificial and supposed divide is a facile and silly one. All good writers try their hand at poetry and all good poets have a crack at stories. We all are in love with words, it's what we do! We take the ordinary and turn it into the magical and memorable. 


I started my written down life with my Alexander Collections; in the first three of which I included poetry, dividing the short stories up. I meant this to show the way both writing forms can be mutually exclusive and word together with one another. I am not the first writer to do this either. Neil Gaiman writes great poetry and his anthologies always include a verse or two for one to enjoy!



Now I release my first collection which is exclusively poetry. Now many have commented on my title and I may well blame Neil and Terry for this one in part. What would the Raven say each someone asks him or her to say 'nevermore?'...and from there came the title. From a silly little scene with one of Odin's Ravens in Neil's American Gods which I read all those years ago.



I present to you all Quoth the Raven, F**k You, Poe! available for pre-order on Amazon now. Official release date of both the Amazon eBook and trade paperback from Createspace is 20/12 because I like irony and want this to be reaching you all for Christmas/ [insert holiday of choice].



Mr Gaiman, I suggest you purchase two copies seeing as you and Sir Terry are equally guilty here. Leave it lying around on the Good Omens set and I will love you forever!