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****Clearance Level Gora-Sigma-Lud-Seidha-Alpha.../\/\/\/\/\ Working....



ERROR....ERROR....packet loss buffer transfer overload....file purge in effect....


***Clearance Level Gora-Seidha-Ultima....AUTHORISE?

Purge in 00:00:30:99..>


<Project Spear of Arawn. Not for sight or speech. Ultima Level Restricted>

<These words do not exist>

<Words cannot be created nor destroyed though they can be hidden. Let thes words remain so until the stars die>

Report. 21 Arte. EA.2.150 00:19:01:00

Location Redacted

The ships have, quite literally, sailed and we have now realised what it was that we have done. Gods of the depths forgive us, the eternal smiths not break our bones for grist and our blood for flux for the terrible thing that we have made!

We sought to help make new worlds filled with life from the ruins of an old and empty one. We forged great spears of densest tungsten and used technologies best forgotten to mimic how the forges of the stars smithed upon Gaia so long ago. To, in unmaking, hasten the making of the new. By lighting the forge within a world, to quicken its fires to temper the new. The principle seemed sound until we stopped to realise that what we had made could be a weapon to murder populated worlds from afar with no chance of defense. 

Those things we installed upon Lupernike's Arks were named "Spears of Phanes" after their god of procreation and the quickening of life yet also they are the Spears of Arawn, the spears of death. In their making, in the unlocking of hidden secrets, we made the fatal error of so many who pursue science in its purest form; we forgot what people are really like. We assumed that, as it clearly was to us, the very thought of using this thing as a weapon would be too abhorrent, too evil. Now we see what rises in our former homeland, what it can and has done. We know HE must never even suspect that this thing even exists, to even think that it is possible. For him, safe from his nest, to wipe Arianrhod clean of life or to turn his wrath upon that which quietly grows on Ares <REDACTED>

We have sent it out into the stars and we pray that those fifty captains use it in wisdom. We pray that those who say that the stars they will be able to reach are empty of life; that no other finds what they carry in those Arks. The engine of life from death or death merely for its own sake. 


The principles that went into the construction were sound; the human population of the Arks could only rely upon the ship to provide them with enough space and resources for a limited amount of time; 2-300 years at most before population growth etc. made such confined quarters not only untenable but unhealthy. Should they fail to encounter a habitable planet or suitably large moon in, let us say, just over half of that time, we could give them the means to make one. Say they find a planet like Aphrodite or even Apollo which could, with enough help, support or at least provide more space for humans to live. So we gave them the engine to do so. They launch all or some of the Spears of Phanes and the tips of the spears, falling at terminal velocity pierce the mantle of the target world. The very blood and breath of said dead world throws all the ingredients needed for life into the atmosphere and the engines attached can process, alter, and balance them to a more Gaia-like mixture. It had happened with Gaia in her infancy with the strikes of asteroids, comets, and suchlike; we simply sought to accelerate the process. 

The Spears  would be launched and one month after the 'dust settled', tectonic activity died down and atmospheric toxicity was reduced to tolerable levels for a well-protected human, the engineer and pioneer crews would descend to the womb of their new home, engage the teraforma equipment; atmospheric processors, oxygon isolators and seeders, cloud and soil seeding rigs, unfreeze the basic lifeforms the Spear assembly carriers hold, deploy the habitat and resource mining units. We projected a liveable world within only five Gaian years of deployment. Of course, this is why we recommend deploying the Spears on a target work half way to critical ship population; because no plan ever survives its first encounter with reality unchanged. We wanted to give them some, irony not intended, breathing room. 


Ironically enough, considering our current reservations about this system and the knowledge we have gathered into it, it was upon our closest neighbour, the planet Ares, that we were able to claim some small scale success in testing. Though we only tested two out of a possible fourteen (such as the Arks carry) Spears on Ares, atmospheric oxygon/azoto and water levels are rising by 20% a year, we have achieved out first wetland deltas and dwarves 'on the ground' have experienced their first extragaian rainstorm. Presssure is at 800Mbar and rising and temperatures not so fatally frigid as they once were. Reports tell us that Ares could support a nominal population in ten years, supporting our five-year hypothesis for Arks using a larger-scale system. Our engineers at locations on <REDACTED> upon the Arean surface report excellent results. Possible Ancient 'fingerprints' at <REDACTED> are being fully <REDACTED>

<File Data Integrity Lost>

<Full Predatory Purge Detected>

<Emergency Disconnection in...3./\..2./\...>

<Disconnection Failed>


Signal Lost....


Reboot to Start?


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