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Paxxi is a Psyber or augmented hacker, an expert and devotee of the world within informatic spaces. Thanks to their augmentations, Paxxi can see and navigate computer spaces without need for a physical connection; they can see the spaces through their eyes and navigate using facial micro-expression or haptic gloves, even voice commands. Some uncharitable souls describe Psybers as one might describe drug addicts; sat there staring at nothing, talking to no-one. and occasionally twitching.


Such people usually stop when Paxxi starts locking them inside of rooms, turning off lights at inconvenient moments or putting embarrassing material on their personal data pad.

Paxxi is also, which some find quite ironic considering their calling, a non-binary individual. Paxxi does not reveal to anyone whether they are male or female, preferring to be called they, them, simply Paxxi, or 'Spider Being'. They have also made sure that their appearance gives no indication of their gender, appearing somewhere between a pretty boy and slightly masculine young woman. If asked why they prefer the asexual, androgynous identity, Paxxi will answer "spend enough time inside of the hidden world - the world so many work so hard to keep obscured - and the petty affectations and worries of the world 'normal' people inhabit are meaningless..."

Though Paxxi seems quite young, somewhere between their late teens and early 20's, occasionally they will say something, or display a behaviour, that causes one to doubt that. Paxxi appears to remember things from longer ago, though it may be that they simply subsumed data from their private world of information into their 'waking world'. 

It is not uncommon for Psybers to see the hidden and physical worlds as overlapping aspects of the same and not much distinguish from the two but Paxxi believes in Gaia Protocol, a fringe belief even among Psybers. 

They say that there is a network beyond networks, a network to which all humans are connected whether they know it or not. A network which is made up of every living thing, including the Earth itself. That this network has spawned a gestalt intelligence called Gaia who observes and catalogues every single event that happens everywhere.

They have studied extensively the forbidden writings of Martin Castlebank, a crime serious enough by itself  for Paxxi to need to seek refuge among the Pans. As if being a 'sexual deviant' and  'impure' Psyber were not enough in these intolerant times.

Nobody seems to know that much about Paxxi at all, they have always been with the Pans and, it is rumoured, Unity herself recruited them a long time ago. They say Paxxi engaged in information warfare in the First War. 

Gwydion and Soong have both made it clear that such rumours, as well as attempts to find out Paxxi's "Dead Name" or birth gender will not be tolerated. 

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