Pachowski - The Chronicles of Enoch

Born April 11th 1925 near Krakow, Poland 



Has been a keen Midrashic and Talmudic scholar for the last 50 years.



Member of the "adventure scholars" of various faiths known as the Grigorim or Watchers after the Biblical Watcher Angels.




Was rescued from certain death by the mysterious Gershom Schulman.



Longtime friend of Charles and Peter Vanderbilt's deceased father Pastor Marcus.


Rabbi Tav Pachowski

Rabbi Pachowski was born on the outskirts of Krakow on April 11th 1925.

Rabbi Tav is a holocaust survivor; having been saved from certain death at the Nazi Concentration Camp of Sobibor in Poland by the mysterious 'Gershom Schulmann'. One might this Gershom murdered all soldiers and guards on the train taking him and over 100 over Jews to Sobibor and led the Polish Resistance 'The Silent Unseen' to their location. Rabbi Pachowski and several of the liberated prisoners joined the Cichociemni until the end of the War, taking part in a number of the unit's more notable engagements. They also helped those who wished to fight no more escape to freedom.

Rabbi Pachowski leads a small organisation of like-minded scholars of all faiths who monitor and surveil a number of suspected nephilim and hosts of the Fallen. They are the Grigorim of "Watchers" and, when faced with the sudden dangerous reality, are afraid to take action rather than watch as they have always done. "I am too old to fight now!" Pachowski tells Charles Vanderbilt one day.

The rabbi teaches Charles and Marguelisa that Gershom is still alive and leads them to his last known location because he feels that his old rescuer can help them with Zane.  Little does he realise what doors he has opened and just how difficult it will be to close them.