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Sëan Ollimur is a 13th generation gèaler or resident of the Sèlene. Part of a large contingent of volunteers who travelled up with their old friends, the dwarves, from Eire to serve on The Dragon's Crown. That was the plan at least.

When The Crown very unexpectedly left without them, the Ollimurs were among many to remain, confident in the fact that "it'll be back in a minute, any minute now". Twelve generations later, Sëan, or Olly to his friends, remains firm in this ancestral belief. Alexander was busy and needed to borrow it for a spell. After all, The Crown is his ship so he can take it if he likes, right?

A closely guarded family secret tells that it was the then Navarch Séamus Ollimur who, three and a half centuries ago, received the Order of Silence from Alexander's own hand and began the excavation of the abandoned Ancient tunnels beneath the farri gantost or Sea of Silence and extended them into the Old City on the tavi orcha or Dark side of Sèlene.

Olly was born down there and, following family tradition, joined the Hoplites as soon as he was old enough and began to train for what he was convinced would be the march to retake the homeland.

Some might consider it odd, though, that he decided to volunteer for the third of Gwydion’s expeditions “back home”. Most thought he'd patiently train and wait for Alexander but, though Olly is a terrible soldier, he is a very determined one. Perhaps he thought to gain both glory and notice from Alexander at the talented epibatoi sergeant's side. Maybe even learn to be the kind of soldier his family would be proud of.

According to Gwydion, Olly has the enthusiasm of twenty hoplites, therefore potential, that's why he allowed him to join his expedition.

Like all selenar natives, Ollimur is tall and willowy in build due to being born to the much lower gravity than Gaia. His training regimen for travel to Earth had to, therefore, be especially brutal. His slim and light bones needed to be radically densened and strengthened in order to avoid accidental and highly debilitating breakages. He had to gain muscle mass, a lot of it, and he had to be prepared for actual full Gaia gravity.

He and his fellow volunteers wore specially designed rigs which weighed close to twice their own mass over arduous assault courses. It was, as we have said, brutal. Two thirds of the volunteers bowed out or took a trip to mediggan suites of their home sector. Olly did not.

Olly lost breakfast, lunch, and tea when the exertion finally dropped him but, after a few weeks, he started to accuse his instructors of actually lightening his rig...they simply laughed and gave him a seat on his Stymphalion.

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