The College of Pilots was an old and venerable organisation which emerged from, it would seem, nowhere, as soon as the Empyraeum discovered the key to insterstellar travel. 

Pilots or navigati of the College are a strange lot. It is rumoured that they are either bred using strict genetic guidelines or altered genetically, not only to ensure they have the correct demeanour, temprament, and intelligence for their future job, but also for a small but present pyschic talent. 

Once they have completed basic training, the Pilot's eyes are sugically removed, leaving the optical nerves intact. Their first augmetic is added immediately, a socket for a ships navigational system to connect to. They receve further augmentations later on; to their hands, as well as various additions to allow cables and conduits to be attached where needed. When a Pilot enters their sanctuary and activates the ship's throne, he or she becomes the ship in every possible sense, it exists an an extension of their body and senses. 

Both their complete symbiosis with the ship and mild precognative ability (usually boosted with esoteric augmetic brain implants) mean they can guide a ship through both normal space and the Void via Voidgate passages. Most people think a journey through a Voidgate is a straight line but it is not. A Pilot has the only exanct map of the Voidgate system stored in their mnemonic inplants. The void is as active and dynamic a place as the space we know but only the College of Pilots knows its secrets.

The College was based in Alexandria-The-First but they vanished from all knowledge when the Kalshodar took to The Nest. The College's current location is unknown but new Pilots, demonstrating the normal traits and abilities continue to volunteer for service on Empyraen and Merchant ships capable of Void transit. No Pilot has worked for the Council or Union. 

Their signature blindfold is worn both for identification and, it is said, for other people's protection. The rumours about their gaze being like a gorgon's holds no truth. It is simply that the ointment they smear into their empty sockets turns them into what standard humas see as bottomless pits and this causes nausia and disorientation in 80% if those who have seen such a sight. Pilots wear their blindfolds in order to be polite.