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Hideshi "Krazy Kyoki" Kyokino is one of the few non-Empyraen born citizens in the Gaia Hoplite expeditions. He is originally from the Nagamachi district of the Ippon city of Kanazawa but, for reasons he cannot ever manage to be consistent in telling, he left the Ippon Empire and the family fireworks business behind when he was fifteen years old.

As he was not well educated, his glòsta was poor and, as a result, so was the employment he gained in the foreign quarter of Alexandria. Young Kyoki was not happy about that, feeling he was not prepared to simply exchange one life of poverty for another and, as often happens, he took the easy route in the company of entirely the wrong people. As also often happens when a naive young foreigner gets involved in such enterprises, he was set up to be caught by the Keepers while his "friends" made good their escape.

Kyoki had been an excellent builder of devilish explosive devices for his new friends and, in his years inside of the hellhole known as The Labyrinth near Giza, he learned to survive by showing influential prisoners just how easy it was to turn seemingly innocent everyday compounds into destructive surprises.

His newer friends – in what was becoming a rather predictable pattern -  escaped from the inescapable prison and Kyoki got put in The Hole.

He would probably have died there had it not been for the arrival of an Empyrean agent who made to him The Offer.

​Kyoki left for the Sèlene that very night and has since learned all manner of new ways to make things spectacularly explode. He usually waits around to watch and this has earned him the nickname of "Krazy Kyoki" which is not a compliment and "Little Nemean" which is. Although he is of average Earth height, Moon natives average 6'5" - 6'7" so almost everyone is little to them.

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