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Krematoria is the planetary representation of Tarterus of the Kristoman Hell if ever there was such a place. Krematoria is, in effect, a massive planetary system of active volcanos in more or less constant eruption. 

Though landing on its surface is considered suicide, the price is, for some insanely brave souls, worth it in the end because Krematoria is rivch in everything from iron, the exotic elements needed for engine and weapon building, and it is perfect for forging thing such as spaceship hulls and engine housings. 

A few brave pioneer Dwarves set first obital observation posts to study the ever-changing surface and locate the few parts of its crust that don't collapse and simple cease to be solid all of the time. Here they dropped automated manufacturing and mining installations. Controlled from the relative safety of low orbit, these facilities do their work and then, the truly crazy among the Dwarves occupying the orbital stations, pilot Haulers through the maelstrom and electromagnetic hell that Krematoria dares to call an atmosphere to bring what they need out. 

It would be nice to say deaths and losses are rare but this would be a lie. 

Also, occasional 'super-eruptions' will blanket Krematoria in electromagnetic geostorms, meaning even the most daring Dwarven pilot will not dare flight until it is over and causing the Dwarves to lose communication with the surface facilities. 

Once the storms have passed and the atmosphere cleared up, it is then a matter of seeing what survived down there and sending in the lunatics to repair anything requiring it. 



Official Designation: K-1-0-B

Solar System : Krohdeir

Orbit: 0.69 Gaian Years

Rotation: 19 Gaian Hours

Diameter: 29,130 km 

Satellites: None

Atmosphere: Oxygen, hydrogen, sulphur dioxide acetates, hydrodrogen chloride, hydrogen sulphide, with traces of nitrogen.

Orbital Position: 1st planet in system

Population: None on surface, around 200 in orbital installations

Afiliation: Empyraeum

Colonised: EA 2140

Industry:  Heavy manufacturing and ore mining

Climate: Surface uninhabitable

Max. Temperature: 1551 degrees celcius

Min. Temperature: 420 degrees celcius

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