Julian - The Chronicles of Enoch

Julian (Ju Lin Ang); a 4th Generation General Purpose (Creepy Jeepie)  nephilim. 


Estimated to be around three hundred years old and originally a prince of the Joseon Dynasty who was either exiled or placed himself in exile. He never talks about his past.


Could described as having a personality as malleable as his body. Jeepies can take on almost any bipedal form you can imagine and many you would rather you hadn't.


Currently the nominal leader of the mixed wild nephilim group known as The Wolf Pack.


It is worth noting that there is something odd going on between him and Asmodeus. It is almost as if they kknow each other or at least think they do.

Julian (Ju Lin Ang)

Julian, the Wolf-Pack alpha or at least founder. Before Asmodeus came on the scene, Julian had been doing a lot of thinking and realised that there were a lot of people like him around the Greater Atlanta area. A lot who were lost and others who were a danger to all of them. Some just had to be eliminated before the legumes were leaked to the humans. Others would listen to what he had to say. The smart ones became The Wolf Pack. The less smart ones became dead.


Julian is a very powerful nephilim; rumoured to have been a prince from the Joseon Dynasty of Korea, Julian tells people he is South Korean now. 


Everyone in the Pack thinks that he is striga-strain but that is because almost nobody remembers the differences anymore. He is actually classified as a Jeepie or General Purpose shifter. Jeepies are very rare in any one of more than second generation lineage. Nobody knows whose Julian's parents were and he is not telling. If anyone asks, he will rapidly change the subject. He will tell everyone "I have worn this face for more than two hundred years but less than three hundred", that's usually impressive enough.


Highly charming, Julian has that ability jeepies are famous for, know as 'chameleon personality'. Just as he can change his physical appearance, he can choose his manner, habits and...well everything depending on who he is around.


Lorasta believed he was gay when he really is not. Jeepies are sterile and sexless. They can become male or female in appearance but lack the reproductive organs of either. Julian truly was no threat to her when they met but his personality defensively shifted so she would accept him.


A highly dangerous individual, Julian is one of the oldest remaining wild nephilim so far observed. Mixed heritage 'nefs' as they are known, tend not to survive far beyond their first century. The ability for longevity just isn't in the genes. The fact that Julian has made it to the almost three hundred years of age he is suspected to have is an indication of just how dangerous he is. 


Rumours fly around about whether he is really as young as he says he is.  When Asmodeus showed up many of the pack swore it looked like he and Julian already knew each other but this was dismissed by Julian himself as common for someone who can look or act like anyone you both have ever met.