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Jotunmuir is the only habitable planet in the white dwarf Ymir system and the term "habitable" is used loosely here. A late-stage white dwarf star, Ymir does little to warm the surface of this frigid planet of icy plains and glaciers. 

By luck, or perhaps some strange design, the Ark that found this world was populated almost exclusively by colonists from Skandia and the Northen People's Nations, peoples well used to the cold and arid landscape that they found. 

Both peoples also had a long tradition of hunting and surviving large predators but what they found here was quite different. 

Massive, highly intelligent wolf-like creatures, elk the size of a Kalshodar, and beings that were somewhere between polar bears, yetis, and something out of their cultural nightmares. 

The people of the Ark that survived that first brutal winter were few in number and those few children that lived long enough to have children of their own are fewer still. The population of Jotunmuir is unknown because all of the technology the Ark carried was destroyed by the intense colds of winter and the regular and devastating hailstorms. 

The people survived by digging into the ice and it is here that they found the greatest predator of Jotunmuir, intelligent invertibrate creatures they called the Grendyll. These beings soon developed a taste for human flesh and thinned the number of survivors considerably. 

In order to survive day to day, the population of Jotunmuir regressed to a more savage and primative state; scattered tribes and extended family groups that defend their territory from all invaders, incluing representatives of The Empyraeum.



Official Designation:J-1-2-Beta

Solar System : Ymir System

Orbit: 0.76 Gaian Years

Rotation: 43 Gaian Hours

Diameter: 18,250 km 

Satellites: 2, though appear to be more captured asteroids than moons

Atmosphere: Oxygen, nitrogen mix with small percentage of methane and carbonic acid.

Orbital Position: 4th planet in orbit of the white dwarf star Ymir.

Population: Exact Number Unknown

Afiliation: Empyraeum

Colonised: EA 2045

Industry:  None of note

Climate:  Plante-wide frozen tundra

Max. Temperature: 4 degrees celcius

Min. Temperature: -220 degrees

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