Herne the Hunter, the Horned god, The Old Man of the Forest, The Wose, Woden, Gwynn ap Nudd...his names are many.


Guardian of the forest, all the forests, in all of the lands. 


It is thought maybe Herne is part of a larger group of Zooanthropes of Shifters who placed the task of guarding forests upon themselves.


There is no way one nephilim, no matter how powerful, can be all of the forests, all of the time. 


Can take on the shape of any animal in the forest as well as see through their eyes.


If Herne was a name chosen by members of the same "Cult", it is unclear how many are left today


It is said by Conan and a few First Nations nephilim that Herne is the last of his kind left. They say he is not even nephilim but something else.


There are many, Conan among them, who would love to meet either "A Herne or THE Herne" while there is at least one left

The Huntsman

Many are his names, many his faces; his eyes are in every tree and his ears all around. He is of the forest and the forest is of him. Of the forest is he lord and all who dwell within it are under his sufferance.


Herne, the hunter - sometimes called Cernunnos, The Horned God, Old Man of The Forest, Wose, Woden, Gwynn ap Nudd maybe even Odin - is said to be the spirit of the forest, the very embodiment of all the life which fills it. He watches all who enter it and, it is said, humans, who chose to hunt there must both honour his stewardship and respect his rule. None may hunt without his permission and those who think to dare this...well let us just say that they tend not to ever leave the forest again. To be more specific they quite often end up as fine meal for another kind if hunter; one with teeth, claws and a strong hunger.


It is said that Herne can assume the form of any creature which dwells in his forest. He can also see what each and every one of them sees, hear what they hear. They are part of him and he can become a more current part of them. Have you ever been in an unfamiliar wood or forest and had that odd impression? That feeling that 'eyes' were watching you, the very trees themselves muttering and whispering, that uncomfortable silence, as if one million ears were listening to your every breath? I know you have, we all have. We have all felt his eyes or heard his voice. 


Those who tried to harm his forest or his charges felt his teeth as well.


The sad thing is that he is getting desperate now. The humans, they no longer respect as they once did. His realm is getting smaller and smaller, his subjects fewer. People murder with apparent impunity and his warnings go too often ignored.


It is thought that Herne was a nephilim once, either first or second generation judging by the age of his legends. He either came with the refugees of Atlantis or, some dare to think, left of his own free will long before then. Some say he was a member of a raiding party who decided to stay; he fell in love with the primal forests of ancient Irelan and Britain and for reasons known only to him, vowed to protect them.


The ancient Celts adored him, Conan's people respected him, even other nephilim started to bow their head in greeting as they entered his forests. It is thought that he is still alive. There have recently been a spike in sightings of a strange shadowy figure with antlers upon their head, watching in the distance.  It is considered a sign of luck or blessing.


Those who are watched may consider themselves the lucky ones. For the less lucky, the only sign they will get is the sudden and unexpected hot, rank breath on the back of their neck...