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At some point following his disappearance, Alexander arrived by means unknown on this planet and found nothing but the remnents of a long-dead society. 

Crossing a desert with high storms in the atmosphere, he found what was nothing less than the dark reflection of the Dwarven sanctuary on Gaia, a dark and perverted reflection teeming with evil sensations. 

Here, he found the  dessicated corpses of thousands of centuar-like creatures, apparently dead in some obscure ritual, and the bones of a massive dragon. A dragon easily three times larger than She that he knew. 

Everything was long dead but an evil, malignent, presence and, it could be said, intelligence, permeanted everything he found, including disturbingly alien writing that appeared to have a life of its own. 

Fleeing this profane "temple", Alexander collapsed in the sterile sands and awoke on an alternate version of Gaia, known as Earth, where he soon met Kalliades, Neshaa, and Sham and somehow managed to retrurn the The Crown right on time for Lupernikes and Gabriel ApSion to discover him.

Alexander named the planet for his long-dead lover from Macedonia who tormented him, in phantom form, during his journey across the desert.

Hephaestion is a massive rocky planet, larger even than Zeus in the Home System and, according to Alexander, its gravity is so strong that time flows differently there. Alexander believes his journey across the desert took some three weeks yet almost two centuries had passed in the outside world. 

Since his return to The Empyraeum, Alexander has quarantined this world and closed all travel even close to its orbit. 



Official Designation: F-003-A-2

Solar System : Fuamas

Orbit: Unknown

Rotation: Unknown

Diameter: 155,897.20 km

Satellites: Four

Atmosphere: Uncertain but atmosphere, though painful to breathe, is not deadly to Kalshodar physiology.

Orbital Position: Estimated 3rd in orbital position

Population: 0

Afiliation: Unknown

Colonised: Not colonised by discovered 437 EA

Industry:  None

Climate: Global desert with seemingly unending dust storm along the belt

Max. Temperature: 55 degrees celcius

Min. Temperature: -40 degrees celcius

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