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Built in the catacombs of Sèlene, the Harpy-Fury is a logical development of the standard model. No longer used predominantly for void warfare and ship defence, the Fury variant is designed for atmospheric lightening raids and as a vehicle capable of dog fighting with highly agile Union aircraft. 

To this end, the rear fuselage has been slightly thickened to allow two additional AX-3 Helion engines to be mounted below the wings and an atmospheric air scoop has been added ventrally. Each of the twin Medusae under-slung cannons have been each replaced by a pair of Telemachus laser cannons for improved performance against armoured targets. An experimental Fury plasma cannon has been mounted on the spine, replacing the standard load out, meaning the Harpy-Fury is effective against heavily armoured targets, medium fortifications and dug in ground personnel. The cockpit canopy has been enlarged to allow for a wider angle of view in case of sensor damage and  "eyes-on" becoming a necessity. 


The Harpy-Fury retains the void fighting capabilities of its standard model cousin and can provide Selenar to Gaian escort duties to larger craft as well as patrolling cis-selenar space and Selenar structures.  

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