Sergeant Gwydion is said to embody everything essential to being epibatoi. He was burned in crash during one of his earlier surface missions when his Stymphalion, quickly refitted as a troop transport, was hit . He got his squad clear and refused medical attention for himself until the wounded were stable and the dead respected. 

This left him permanently scarred but, he will joke. now makes his eyes his most outstanding feature.

The move from the Moon to the now-abandoned Dragon's Nest was his idea. It jarred his honour to see Apatèon go unanswered and he argued that Alexander’s finest should actually do something and not simply sit on the Moon waiting; the Hegèmon would not want that.

Thought born in Casnewydd, Gwydion's family moved to Lundun when he was small. His parents, as parents always will, seeking a better life for Gwydion and his two sisters. It was not to be, a robbery gone bad saw Gwydion become both an orphan and a killer on the same night.

At the age of twelve, he entered the infamous Wermod prison, unsure of when, if ever, he would be free. Self defence is rarely a good defence when one is poor and the child of iterant workers. He stayed in Wermod, honing his new talent in order to survive for five years before Empyraen agents found him.


"You can join the forgotten army or, one day, become a forgotten corpse here" they told him.