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The Gryphon dropship and gunship is known as 'the Kalshodar work horse.' It gets them and their equipment where they need to be and is heavily armed and armoured enough to make sure they get there in one piece. The Gryphon is, essentially, a flying tank, it should not be able to fly at all. 

With the huge Aeolus thrust vector engines for vertical take off and landing and the Boreas turbo scramjets at the back for extra kick, it is agile after a lumbering fashion thought its pilots often attach the name Pig-Dog (kunchoi) to it. It gets Kalshodar boots n the ground fast and hard and, to them, that is what matters more than appearances.

The Gryphon also carries four EDX-3 Helios fusion engines for void flight or really fast atmospheric insertion. 

Gryphon pilots tend to be the seasoned veterans who survived by not only being good but from having almost preternatural instincts and reflexes, as well as being serious and steady men and women.

The responsibility of carrying Kalshodar or, gods be good, Dracograth into battle is not one just any pilot can handle. Few humans can even remain in such august presences for long without falling apart at the seams.

In order to ensure its charges reach their destination safely, the Gryphon is armed with improved twin axial Scythia-2 kinetic cannons, an twin Uranos ion eradicator, and various laser and kinetic weapon hardpoints on the underside and flanks

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