“In war it don’t matter what colours they was wearing, who or what they believe they’re fighting for, they’ll barely look at you twice as they step over your cooling corpse, they’ll not even blink. When war comes, people like us suffer no matter who wins, they’ll kill a thousand of us and not even know it.”


To those ordinary people, simply trying to live their lives, war is always bad, even when fought in their name. 

These people need to feed their families and provide them with a home, so these people need a job. Often they will work in factories and infrastructure of the government. They will do what they are told, go home exhausted, and come back the next day, and they will not question. They might build arms that will kill rebels, they might in some small way contribute to the system that oppresses them and everyone else.


Maybe their job done well means that they and their family are oppressed a little less than others...

They believe and do what they are told, try not to judge them, because in The Union to question is to die....eventually. 

When the liberator comes and tjhe oppressor resists, these people are most often caught in the middle. They lose friends or acquantances, the factuary theu work in may be damged or destroyed, they might see the fighting as it spreads to their urban zone. 

They might be one of the nameless corpses left behind, they or someone they knew or loved. 

They don't know who killed their mother, father, son or daughter. They just know that war did that. They hear what they are allowed to hear and, when perhaps they hear differently, it will be hard or maybe even impossible for them to accept. 

To them, the supposed liberators upended and wrecked their day-to-day life. It doesn't matter how grim and hopeless that life was, it was the only one they knew

In Lùndùn, the capital city of Bryttan, and current stronghold of The Union, the long-abandoned Underground rail transit system is home to many of these lost and hopeless; their homes destroyed in the vicious urban fighting between the new I-R/Pan alliance and The Union, perhaps. Perhaps they lost their job and, with no visible means of support, ran before The Keepers rounded them up for the conscript armies or labour camps. 

In the Underground, it is rumoured, Safety can be found, even if the source of that safety of what drove you down here in the first place.