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The Chronicles of Enoch

A new kind of Epic


What if I were to tell you that all the stories are real; that all the myths and legends were true? What if I showed you that everything we believe is false or at least incomplete? How about if I were to continue, letting you see how even the supposed 'hidden truths' are simply misdirection; that the actual truth is even more deeply buried than that. What if I were to tell you that the truth is indeed stranger than anything I ever could ever invent? What if I were to tell you that the background of this page is not one of the fragments of the Book of Enoch but a huge, huge clue?


You might ask who is that is behind this misdirection? Who are They? What if I am not inventing most of this but simply chronicling the real history which they tried so hard to bury? What if this book is dangerous, would They allow it or try to stop it? Maybe They don't know yet...


Who are They? You might ask and correctly so for that, indeed, is the rub. Who? Why? When? For what reason would they do that and what do they stand to gain? Maybe if you read you will find out. Challenge it. Question it. Rail against it. Tell me I am wrong. That is the actual point of all of this...


Do you know the greatest single deception which was ever played on man? Not the famous one; though it's related to that somewhat, of course. No, this deception relates to stories. All of the stories, the tales, the myths, the legends were true once.  Every story you have ever heard began as a real event. It was spoken about; told and retold over and over again until, as in that game we played as children - the one involving whispering - the version which arrived at the end is quite different to the original. 


Sometimes the interference is intentional and purposeful, sometimes it is that very human desire for recognition. The hard part is peeling away the layers which were added on and reaching the real truth that's left. Maybe we, as humans will never find out. Maybe only someone who was there could tell us, should they feel so inclined? 


Like Lucifer ; he was there right when things went wrong. If you listen to Lucifer it was all over a difference of opinion. Lucifer lost that time but he has been working to prove his point, win his argument ever since. 


He has been working to infiltrate, undermine and subvert society at every level. He has seeded our nightmares with monsters, our group consciousness with ideas, there is nothing in which he is not involved. Nothing. Think there are safe places, locations which are sacrosanct? Think again. His fellow Fallen -  'riding' their human hosts - and nephilim are everywhere, you have probably seen a few.


Think you have seen his plan? Certain you have seen the strings? Lucifer is the master of lies and the crafter of subtleties, trust me you have not. If you see the strings, well those are the ones that he wants you to see! A slave who thinks they are free is much easier to control than one who knows that they are a slave.


Lucifer has one purpose and all the Fallen and nephilim follow him. Not all know his plan - it is said only he knows all of it - but they know his purpose; to end all life on Earth by Man's hand, to force his Father to start again and admit that Lucifer was right all along. To achieve this, Lucifer will sacrifice anyone and anything, destroy the Earth and start the 2nd War in Heaven. He would destroy everything in order to if you believe him, to save it. How can Enoch and Sable , just two men, combat this world-wide conspiracy when they have no idea where to even start? Faith, I suppose is as a good start as any. Thing is that when things get scary and look hopeless, faith is usually the first thing to go...







Book One: Darkness Within

The beginning. Enoch returns and finds his old friend Sable is still alive and doing well. He also uncovers Lucifer's plan and realises stopping it may be harder than he'd first thought. He also learns how to properly kill a giant.



Book Two: Sons of Chaos.

Sable becomes 'unstuck' in time and bounces around Creation like, well no-one has done it before so like something which bounces around. On the Moon, the dark side gets so much brighter and things start heating up on Earth. Where once there were two sides there are now three; Good, Evil and Me!



Book Three: Gods of Deceit

Ever wondered about the myths of Ragnarok, Apocalypse and all those Mesoamerican myths? Wonder no more. In 700 AD it is rumoured that Christ returned (again) and that Lucifer was beaten. What was forgotten is that an epic war between gods, men and demigods took place which almost drowned the world in an eternal darkness. 



Book Four: Midnight Moonlight

Do you remember all of those conspiracy theories? There are a lot of them yes. They are all true. Are they also all lies? How? Well, that will take some time to explain...

Nazis on the moon. A dark pyramid. A hidden city. The Apollo Astronauts warned off. Aliens. UFOS. All are true but not in the way you might think that they are.



Book Five: Son of Light

All things must end. The light finally goes out and darkness reigns. Or the shadows are banished and the Light flows in. As the Five Horsemen ride forth, World War looks likely, chaos is rife and a false Rapture thins the herd quite significantly. It seems like Enoch is at least twenty moves behind. Plus there is Sable to worry about....

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