All across The Union there exist prisions, so many that the sardonic joke that this is their greatest industry. 

Prisons nobody comes out of. Once you enter such an place, you will never be found again. 

It's like a hole opened underneath you and swallowed you whole.

Now, as with prisons everywhere, some residents belong there, they committed truly awful crimes and are deserving of punishment but in The Union, it is becoming harder with each passing day NOT to break some law or another without even being aware of it. 

Totalitarian religious governence allows for an even greater range of crimes including 'Rejecting the Advances of a Keeper", "Becoming Inconveniently Pregnant", or simply not doing what you were told quickly enough.  Maybe a jealous neighbour reported you and The Keepers don't really bother investigating. Afterall, if God inspired your neighbour to report you, then you must be guilty of something, otherwise He'd have saved you, right? 

Here too come the enemies of The Union, rebels, malcontents, those who refuse to fit in for whatever reasons and they come here to meet the best tools of persuasion and reformation The Union possesses. 

Hard, brutal, and often vicious men who, maybe deep down, have an unbreakable core of faith and conviction that justifies what they do on a daily basis.  Maybe they simply stopped feeling a long time ago, maybe they enjoy it. 

Those in a position to know choose not to, to turn a blind eye, to focus only on the message these places send. That the Prime Commandment of "Thou Shalt Not Question" shall not be broken. Humans, they say, will not choose the Right Path unless there are consequences for not doing so, this is why they have followed misguided religions since the dawn of time. 

With the right consequences, people will do anything, even destroy their own self-interests. 

Like with the Fèvlas-Pachà, for The Union and its Church, fear is just another tool. 

In its prisons, located far away from population centres of that very reason, you can hear the dark music of fear without barely a pause as if the damned souls hope they will be heard and granted peace if not rescue.