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This heavy and powerful aerial vehicle fulfils the dual role of troop carrier and gunship. It is equipped with a pair of KEP or Kinetic Energy Projectile cannons for heavy bombardment of buildings, enplacements, and well constructed barricades as wll as large crowds if the order is given. It also carries an anti-personnel rotary cannon in the nose to clear the landing area.

Highly agile and versatile for its size, it carries four turbofan engines as well as smaller manuevering thrusters. It is capable of both VTOL (verticle take-off and landing) and sustained hover should troops need to rope or parachute to the engagement zone. 

Its large troop compartment can carry ten fully equipped Keepers or six Promethians with their equipment. 

With the combination of so many powerful engines and the VTOL thruster-fans. this vehicle is a great deal more agile than it looks and its KEP cannons can shred even heavy armour.

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