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The RMS (Registered Merchant Ship) Belmorrah was built in the low orbital shipyards of the Poist Corporation some 2-300 years ago. She is a heavily modified Sèabach Class Heavy Freighter, designed mainly to carry gases and liquids in the massive armoured mid-deck tanks. 

'Old Girl Bel’, as some of the crew call her, fought in and survived the Union Wars. She was more of a runner than a pugilist, though she has a few hidden punches nobody ever saw coming. As well as the obvious double Uranos turret on the prow and twin flak emplacements fore of the cargo area, she has hidden torpedo tubes, concealed Furae missile racks on the flanks, and a comms/sensory array worthy of a much larger vessel. She also has powerful reflex pylons that are very artfully concealed indeed. Her well disguised quad Helios EXD-4 engines can outrun any ship the Union can field and they are better maintained, thanks to Kerys, than their outward appearance would indicate. 

This class of vessel is known to carry three shuttles and two general use lifeboats. 

Though registered as a Seeker vessel and trading/salvage operator, it is suspected that the Belmorrah has carried arms and personnel for the Pans on at least one post-conflict occasion.


Old Girl Bel is currently resting on embarkation deck two of the Dragon's Crown

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