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The creature known as High Prefect Apatèon of the Union, the effective Usurper of the Empyraeum, did not always go by that name. 

Three thousand years ago Sham, in a cave under the Carpathians, ran into the very first Trinity he had met in his already long life; until then he had thought himself the only one. What should have been a time of joy and celebration for him was soured by one thing. 

​Not the suffering and loss the small band of Trinity had suffered in fleeing their respective homes but their apparent leader.

He went by the name of Atara then and we suspect this was not his true name either, simply an indication of where he is from. In his eventful and dangerous life, Sham had never known a fear like that which he found, sucked into the dead eyes of Atara. The man was a true emotional void.

What Sham had thought to be the pain and suffering Atara was feeling for the loss of his family in that deathly journey turned out to be something much darker.

Atara was, and likely remains, the most powerful empath in existence. He is both a radio empath (one who can tune into the emotions of any around him) and a mirror empath (one who can reflect both his own emotions and those of others onto others nearby). This combination is rare in itself but Atara can influence everyone in his immediate vicinity at the same time, regardless of numbers; he is also probably the only beacon empath we know of.

He could have done great things in the service of the human race but he chose power, as often happens. He used his abilities to corrupt and steal the Council from under Sham's nose and supplant the Empyraeum with his own vision of how the world should be.

He remains unchallenged because, within five minutes of entering his presence, people tend to forget what was so bad about the world in the first place.

As always, the weak are draw to those they perceive as strong and the strong seek ways to appear stronger still.

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